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At FurnitureRoots, we have followed a founding principle –  as a furniture wholesaler/retailer or a restaurant/hotel owner, you shouldn’t have to compromise on designs, quality, and the best price out there.

This is why we have ensured that design & durability remain at the forefront of our manufacturing processes and that our customers don’t pay a high price for procuring the highest grade of commercial furniture.

We understand exactly what customers require in terms of design, durability & finish. Additionally, we are able to cut out middlemen which helps reduce the overall cost which is directly passed onto the customer.

We also custom manufacture >90% of our furniture pieces in-house while keeping a close eye on gaps in manufacturing processes. This is why we are the most preferred choice for repeat purchases amongst the other Indian furniture manufacturers

Get in touch with us for any query you have so that we can help you procure as per your specific requirements.


Victorian Furniture

Victorian Furniture leaves a mark of luxury and is primarily characterized by a deeper texture and darker wood. Hand-carved and made from Mahogany, Rosewood or Walnut, the ornamental work on victorian furniture pieces are individualistic and unique.

Indian Furniture Element 2 - Carved Wood

Carved Wood

One of the oldest art forms, intricate hand-carved designs add dimension and beauty to wooden furniture. Shapes capturing the lines of simple elements like flowers, leaves and vines lent a human touch to furniture and the variety of colors adding liveliness.

Indian Furniture Element 3 - Distressed Appearance


On one hand, the age, rarity, condition, utility or other unique features of antique or vintage Indian furniture make it a desirable collectors’ item. On the other hand, distressing furniture is the art of making it appear aged or weathered. The two factors combined make it irresistible.

Indian Furniture Element 4 - White Washed Appearance


Indian style furniture embraces a whitewashed look. An old piece of wooden furniture would have layered and chipped paint while the wood grain underneath remains slightly visible. Texture and age of the furniture items are celebrated as a sign of a well-loved furniture.

Boho Furniture

Bohemian or Boho Furniture designs is about free-spirited styling that combines objects, colors, and patterns from many regions. It is eclectic and infuses a mix of different textures, textiles, prints and colors and is reflective of the artist within you.

Industrial Furniture Designs

Industrial Furniture designs are marked by a refined ruggedness and at the same time a very rustic feel. Such vintage furniture designs blend well within the modern & contemporary settings of homes and hospitality & commercial business establishments. 

Rustic Furniture

Bohemian or Boho Furniture Designs involve Furniture that are replete with aesthetic details and interesting attributes. These furniture items are brimming with life and culture and more often than not have a antiquated, vintage feel to them.

Contemporary Furniture Designs

Contemporary Indian furniture covers aesthetics that reflect modern sensibilities, ranging from clean and minimalist lines to vibrant and exciting flourishes. We use commercial-grade raw materials and quality joinery techniques help our products last you a lifetime.

Our Projects

Our history and expertise lie in undertaking multiple turnkey hotel furniture projects that are notorious for requiring extremely intricate designs as well as sturdy build quality to survive the rigors of a high-traffic restaurant or hotel.
Armed with this extensive and useful experience as well as our unique manufacturing capabilities helps us offer only the most unique and glamorous designs and retain only the best-in-class furniture to you.

Importing Furniture From India – Quality Control?

While all assembly lines in our facility undergo rigorous Q&C checks that are We understand that importing your furniture from an alien nation can be slightly intimidating.

We also understand conducting due diligence and Q&C checks will be of utmost importance to you, this is why, we are available round-the-clock to assist you with any requirements, questions, or apprehensions that you may have concerning importing your furniture from our facility.

We also encourage & welcome interested buyers to visit our facility and observe only the most skilled craftsmen and machinery being put to use to manufacture your dream furniture pieces.

Can I Get It Delivered To My Country?

We’ve extremely convenient shipping arrangements for clients based out of Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, Brazil & France, but we have adequate shipping and export arrangements for delivering our goods just about anywhere in the world.

Among all the furniture exporters based out of India, we have the most trained staff that can speak to you in 10 different languages to ensure that your importing is seamless the time you invested in us comes to fruition. 

Importing Furniture From India – Can You Do It Without An Intermediary?

Sure you can, importing furniture from India has never been easier. Thanks to progressive foreign trade policies implemented consistently by governments across the world and also to increasingly positive trade relations between most countries.

The only aspect that needs a bit of attention is the logistics, but we are here to assist you through that as well. Feel free to enquire about any of these aspects while contacting us and we will ensure that this aspect is taken care of seamlessly as well.

During the last 4 years itself, we have served 15+ furniture wholesalers and 150+ commercial businesses in the hotel & restaurant space across the world satisfactorily, check out some of their reviews on our testimonial page.

We have developed strong expertise in design and durability by manufacturing custom furniture pieces for the hospitality industry, particularly for Indian restaurant furniture projects among the global ones and also for Hotel Furniture Projects in India 

So cut out the middlemen and procure only the highest grade furniture with the most inspiring designs from FurnitureRoots.
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