As furniture tastes are evolving across the globe, there is a growing appetite for furniture that is symbolic of a given era and buyers don’t mind paying a slightly high premium to be able to re-live that nostalgia by buying furniture that is hand-crafted, carved, and made using the highest quality materials, manufacturing techniques & craftsmanship.

India is a great option for such furniture & these furniture styles are also a radical departure from pieces that made using just machinery with unoriginal designs made using flimsy materials that will only last a couple of years.

However, the prospect of importing from an unknown country can be slightly intimidating & we would be glad to assist you along the process to navigate the language, cultural & logistical barriers that most first-time importers face.

FurnitureRoots is a manufacturer & exporter of several handicrafts and furniture pieces & is based in Jodhpur Rajasthan and we sell several variations of all the furniture styles that we’ve listed below. 

Please feel free to get in touch using the contact form below in case you have any specific questions, alternatively you may also go through our quick guide on importing furniture from India [Scroll below] or you may also check out some of the unique products we sell. 

    Please get in touch with us to see our full catalog of 1,500+ unique Indian Furniture designs that are not listed on the website. You may choose to source from us & enjoy direct factory pricing or you may work with any of our on-shore suppliers based in your country.

    Carved Wood Furniture Importers

    One of the oldest art forms, intricate hand-carved designs add dimension and beauty to wooden furniture. Shapes capturing simple elements like flowers, leaves and vines lend a human touch and colors add liveliness to furniture.

    Indian Rustic Furniture Importers

    Indian rustic or farmhouse style furniture is replete with highly detailed aesthetics and a variety of interesting attributes. These furniture items are brimming with character and have a rough, coarse and aged aspect about them.

    Indian Recycled Furniture Importers

    Furniture made from repurposed or upcycled materials underscore environmental consciousness. Source your recycled furniture from India which has a rich tradition of upcycling various objects into eco-friendly furniture.

    Industrial Furniture Imported from India

    Industrial furniture is marked by a refined ruggedness and exudes a rustic feel. Such vintage furniture designs blend well within the modern & contemporary settings of homes and hospitality & commercial business establishments.

    Reclaimed Wood Furniture Importers

    Reclaimed timber is old wood that has been salvaged and been repurposed for use elsewhere. Import furniture products made from reclaimed, salvaged or repurposed wood and contribute to the growth of sustainable furniture products.

    Indian Vintage Furniture Imports

    FurnitureRoots brings together award-winning artisans recreating an eclectic range of vintage and Indian antique furniture at great prices. Get rare vintage carved and distressed furniture that make your furniture store stand out.

    Indian Distressed Furniture Importers

    Texture and age of furniture is celebrated as a sign of a well-loved furniture in India. Import distressed furniture designs that embrace a whitewashed or chipped finish while the wood grain underneath remains slightly visible.

    Modern Furniture Imported From India

    Contemporary Indian furniture reflects modern aesthetics, ranging from clean, minimalist lines to vibrant, exciting finishes. We use commercial-grade materials and joinery techniques that help our products last you a lifetime.

      Looking to import Indian furniture designs for your store or business? Get in touch with us for expert advice!


      Furniture for Furniture Stores

      FurnitureRoots has a range of enchanting Indian furniture designs we manufacture and export globally as part of our Indian furniture exports business.

      Hotel Room Furniture

      Our wholesale furniture clients are indulged in sourcing furniture from India on behalf of furniture retailers and commercial projects.

      fine dining restaurant and bar furniture

      We design, manufacture, and supply fully customizable furniture for restaurants, cafes, bars, bistros, hotels, vacation villas, guesthouses, and resorts globally.




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      India is a large & diverse country, with small pockets of furniture industries spanning the entire subcontinent. However, places like Jodhpur (where FurnitureRoots is based) & a few other locations to the west of India act like hubs for raw materials and semi-processed items, that allow for manufacturers to offer a more diverse plethora of furniture items.

      However, it’d be great for you to carry out independent research into this to understand the furniture manufacturing industry in India even better which will help you during the sourcing stage & during your discussions with the manufacturer.


      Places like Jodhpur are home to an extremely large number of furniture suppliers & manufacturers, if surrounding areas are also taken into consideration, the number would easily be in the thousands. However, not all of these manufacturers are reliable to deal with.

      Quite the contrary, just like our Chinese counterparts, this is a case of a few bad apples. The good news is that identifying the right & trustworthy manufacturer is simple, as most of us manufacturers that do furniture exports speak fluent English & with a few related questions, it won’t be too difficult to segregate the professional ones from the local manufacturers.


      The furniture styles sold in India are mainly those that are handmade & carved using generation techniques married with modern machinery & quality control techniques. The abundance of artisans & an ecosystem that allows for easy sourcing of raw materials means that there are a number of suppliers & exporters that know little about furniture, in which case, the attention towards quality control aspects will be negligible & non-existent.

      The only sure-fire way to ascertain this is by asking tons of technical questions that will evince the supplier’s knowledge of furniture in general, or, more specifically, the furniture styles that they make.

      At Furnitureroots, We also understand conducting due diligence and Q&C checks will be of utmost importance to you, this is why, we are available round-the-clock to assist you with any requirements, questions, or apprehensions that you may have concerning importing your furniture from our facility.

      We also encourage & welcome interested buyers to visit our facility and observe only the most skilled craftsmen and high-. tech machinery being put to use to manufacture your dream furniture pieces.


      Importing furniture to Australia or importing furniture to the United States, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, Brazil & France is a lot simpler than one might think.


      Sure you can, importing furniture from India has never been easier. Thanks to progressive foreign trade policies implemented consistently by governments across the world and also to increase positive trade relations between most countries.

      The only aspect that needs a bit of attention is the logistics, but we are here to assist you through that as well. Feel free to enquire about any of these aspects while contacting us and we will ensure that this aspect is taken care of seamlessly as well.

      During the last 4 years itself, we have served 15+ furniture wholesalers and 150+ commercial businesses in the hotel & restaurant space across the world satisfactorily, check out some of their reviews on our testimonial page.

      We use a number of materials when it comes to furniture making & distribution including wood, solid metal, marble,  quartz, and many more variations, which has helped us bolster our export furniture from India initiatives

      So skip middlemen and procure only the highest grade furniture in unique, individualistic designs from FurnitureRoots.

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