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1920s Victorian Restaurant Chair

If you are fond of Victorian styled classic chairs for your brewery, food court or eatery, you will get ecstatic once you come across this armless industrial furniture. The classical decor of this chair is well highlighted with its retro and designer looks. If space is a major constraint, then you should be informed that it takes minimal space of your room. This amazing chair with a duco finish and metal seat top can mesmerize anyone quite effortlessly. If you feel this is a delicate item, then get rid of that notion as this sturdy designer chair is not only scratch resistant but is resistant to stain too. This seating furniture will be delivered to you in an assembled mode.

Art Nouveau Cycle Stool

This Art Nouveau cycle stool is sure to bring back memories of school, tuition and many more evening hangouts with friends when cycling was huge and your only reachable way of transport. A perfect piece of furniture for a cafe or Bistro, this stool will suit best the mood of any eatery, a coffee shop or an Ice cream parlor. Crafted in iron, and finished with solid hardwood and hard-wearing powder coating, this backless stool comes fully assembled. It has proper old school cycle legs and paddle in silver complementing its rustic duco finish wooden seat. Favorite among people with a penchant for style!

Break-out Zone Metal Stool

If the chairs in your ice cream parlor or bistro are prone to any scratch and stain, then it is high time you should think of replacing those. Go for this metal stool instead that is both scratch and stain-resistant and comes with wooden seat top.  This is both armless and backless. You can completely trust on its quality as this is made with the inclusion of solid hardwood and hard wearing powder-coated ironwork. This black designer bespoke furniture will prove to be a standout in your commercial set up with its exclusive beauty and sheer elegance and comfort factor. Space optimization won’t be of any issue once you grab this unique stool in your hub.

Cast Iron Adjustable Stool

If you are not satisfied with the present set of stools in your coffee shop, eatery or bakery, then it is high time you should think of replacing those. Go for this retro-styled adjustable stool this time that is made up of iron. You will find this very convenient to clean on a daily basis. Also as this is both scratch and stain resistant, you can use it with minimal maintenance for a long span. Durability is guaranteed as they have used commercial-grade materials and joineries. This backless bar stool will deck up your favorite corner with ease. You can adjust the height of the stool as per your convenience. So overall, this will prove to be a great investment that you simply cannot afford to miss out.

Chic Barstool in Leather

If you are looking for a brilliant designed top seating arrangement for your bars, microbrewery or bistro, you simply have to go for this one. This standard-sized distressed metal finish phenomenal seat has rexine seat top. Since the back and the seat of the barstool is made with commercial use density foam, customers will experience and relish the ultimate sitting experience. The HR (High Resiliency) foam will prove to be massively comfortable. If you are still worrying on the maintenance part, you should know that this stool is very easy to maintain as this is scratch and stain-proof. You can easily clean this on daily basis as well. The durability factor is also guaranteed due to the inclusion of commercial-grade materials and joineries.

Classic Art-Nouveau Pendant Light

This natural colored pendant light is seamlessly finished in distressed metal, lending it a rustic artisanal look. Crafted from strong iron and powder-coated metal materials, this stain and scratch resistant piece comes fully assembled, reducing your workload to half. Apt in a cozy corner of a bar, cafe or coffee shop, this exuberant hanging light will freshen up your overall decor. Add a touch of whimsical to your space and get your guests to start thinking out of the box. Displaying a classic art style, this dome-shaped pendant light is all you need to make an impression. Order it today!

Classic Drafting Bar Stool

If you are in search for the most alluring bar counter height stools, you should immediately grab this standard-sized iron stool that comes in both backless and armless form. You will simply fall in love with this industrial furniture due to its super classical decorating style. Being scratch and stain-resistant, this is very easy to maintain. Since you get this in an assembled format, no hassle of assembling post you buy this. The leather set top of this bar height bar stool is made with the inclusion of commercial use density foam, for the seat as well as for the back. The ultimate sitting experience can be gained due to the presence of HR (High Resiliency) Foam.

Classical Iron Frame Bar Stool

If you are worried about how to give a classy look to your lounge, brewpub or any corporate stay, then you have to opt for this bar stool. For sure this will create a very positive impact on the visitors due to its retro and classical look. If individualistic design allure you the most, then you have to consider this designer swivel bar stool. The powder-coated iron frame structure of this stool guarantees its superior quality. Also if you want to save your floor from any scratch, then the floor glides that are included in this will prove to be highly effective.

Dazzling Middle-Eastern Bar Chair

Displaying an intricate Moroccan design, this dazzling middle-east inspired chair has been created from iron and a robust mix of solid hardwood. Available in a bold black color, this armless piece is stain and scratch-resistant, making its maintenance an easy affair. Featuring a padded PU leatherette seat top that offers hours of comfort, this fully assembled chair is the right choice in a cozy corner of a resort, night club or even a corporate stay. Make your brewery or bar irresistible to guests by choosing this amazing piece. To add to its attractive design, this classic piece has a powder-coated finish. Order it today!

Exquisite Upholstered Restaurant Chair

The brown color of this exquisite dining chair will change the ambiance of your room from good to great. An apt choice for a restaurant, brewery or bistro, this elegant chair is made in PU and faux leather with a padded seat, promising your patrons optimum comfort for long hours. Sturdy and durable owing to a robust mix of high density cushioning and powder-coated iron, this modern upholstered chair has been designed with love and care. Easy and convenient for day to day cleaning owing to its scratch and stain resistance, this unique piece comes fully assembled, minimizing your efforts. Fitted with floor glides, it also keeps the scrapes away. Order today!

Genuine Swivel Bar Stool

If you are searching for a unique designed chair for your hotel, brewery or lounge, you have to consider this standard-sized industrial backless chair. This backless and armless chair will not get affected due to scratch or stain and can be cleaned on a regular basis very easily. The wooden seat top over this will surely add a touch of elegance to it. Being of bar height and as it has swivel seat, your customers will feel comfortable sitting on this for long. The design of this seating furniture has a sense of retro feel and class too as this is of black color. Floor scratches can be easily prevented once this chair is used due to the presence of floor glides.

Limited Edition Poofer Low Seat

Give an extra edge to the interior decor of your brewery, boarding house or inn with the selection of this canvas made seating arrangement. You will love it at the first instant as this will come in complete assembled form. You won’t have to face any issue while cleaning regularly. The canvas upholstered seat top will provide the customers with ultimate comfort while seating for long hours. The longevity of the product will not be of a concern as this is made of stable base construction with heavy load capacity. The authentic designed hand-stitched multi-step finished seating furniture will accentuate and optimize the interior in the most skillful way.

Masterwork Vintage Iron Chair

Crafted from strong iron, this vintage chair is fitted with a wooden seat top that is made in a robust mix of solid hardwood. Featuring a modern style, this stunning chair is scratch and stain resistant thus making its maintenance and cleaning super convenient. The right pick for a comfy corner at a bar or night club, this contemporary chair will keep your guests feeling like they belong there. Available in a pretty white color, it comes with a powder-coated finish that adds to its rustic look and feel. Accentuate the vibe of your bistro or food court with this homely piece. Order this trendsetting chair today!

One-of-a-Kind Metal Chair

If you are keen to witness fine craftsmanship, then you need to check out this club or cafeteria metal chairs right away. These chairs will look great being of modern design and visitors will experience total comfort to sit on this metal seat top. If you are still worrying on its installation part, then you will be super excited to know that you can avail this in a ready to use form. This chair is both scratch and stain-resistant. If cleaning seems a hassle to you, then you will enjoy its easy to clean method. This dining side chair looks stunning in blue color. If you are fond of modern and contemporary interiors, this should be a must item in your space.

Rare Edition Table Lamp

Featuring a unique design, this rare edition table lamp will definitely be the show stopper of your lounge, night club or coffee shop. Crafted from iron and powder-coated metal materials, this artisanal floor lamp is a true treasure. Displaying a vintage style, this rustic piece is scratch and stain resistant, making it easy to maintain. With its distressed metal finish, this table lamp is one of the most striking products on the list. Available in a marvelous brown color, the enchanting features of this filament table lamp definitely serve your purpose. Make an impression with your guests and add a touch of charm to your space. Order this fascinating lamp today!

Rare Postman Hutch Desk

Contemporary in design, minimalistic in form, unique in style and extremely utilitarian is this Rare Postman Hutch Desk-cum-Showcase. Put this in a place where there is space crunch, as it plays a role of both a table and a shelf. Ideal for a camp or a tent and can withstand various environments owing to its manufacturing from commercial-grade materials and joineries. It has a burnt metal finish and an old school vintage design with a retro and elegant feel. This standard size hutch desk comes with a stool attached, that makes it an ideal computer or reading table. Order now!

Rock Solid Cross Back Hotel Chair

A perfect room definitely needs the perfect chair to give it an instant lift. Presenting this highly durable, rock-solid dining chair that displays an elegant cross back design. Crafted from iron, this scratch and stain-resistant piece comes with a powder-coated finish that adds to its longevity. Available in a pristine white color, the modern style of this stunning chair will give your cafe, coffee shop or microbrewery a warm and comfortable feel. Further, this amazing piece comes fully assembled, thus making it an easy buy. Order this versatile dining chair today and infuse a sense of ethnicity to your space!

Rock Solid Tractor Bar Chair

While you are searching for exclusively designed bar chairs, your search will surely end over here. This armless iron made chair is of high quality as this is both scratch and stain-resistant. The powder-coated iron frame structure will hint at its decent quality. This counter height stool comes with swivel seat and is very convenient for long time seating.  The classy decor of this industrial furniture will leave a positive impact on your joint to the visitors. This victorian style furniture will only portray a sense of elegance in a subtle way. This individualistic design furniture will portray a victorian-style quite effortlessly.

Rugged Tolix Bar Counter Stool Full Back

Make your night club, pub or resort look luxurious in a different sort of way by adding this rugged Tolix Bar Counter Stool with Full back as a pub or bar stool. An oversized product with iron as a primary material, this scratch and stain-resistant industrial piece of furniture is a hot seller and surely a head-turner. A bar height bar stool, this one has a powder-coated finish and a silver color with classic retro styling. Bring the fun into your bar with this eclectic piece of decor and you won’t regret spending a single penny on this beauty. Big on style, comfort and utility.

Timeless Vintage Style Chair

If you prefer a chair of vintage design for your ice cream parlor, night club or food court, then you need to check out this iron made standard-sized armless chair at the earliest. The texture of this classical seating furniture is improvised with the implementation of the powder-coated iron frame structure. Also, you won’t get a scope to question its durability factor as this is composed of commercial-grade material and joineries. This blue colored bentwood chair is high on demand already. So never afford to miss out this individualistic designed chair that can create a positive vibe with its mere presence only. The metal seat top will glorify this furniture to a great extent.


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