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Alluring Ladder Bookshelf

What better way to give a makeover to boring interiors than adding an exuberant piece of furniture in one corner than adding this Alluring Ladder Bookshelf. Put this in a Boarding House or a Camp and you’ll surely add to the experience of the person putting up with this. Constructed in a robust mix of solid hardwood and hard-wearing powder-coated ironwork, this has a scratch and stain-resistant surface. A designer piece with a space optimizing construction, this is something that blends in with interiors of any style. A piece of furniture that is a collectible and can be passed on generations.

Antiquated Metal Pendant Light

If you are in search of a very unique and innovative styled lighting system, then this one will be the perfect choice for you. If you happen to be an owner of a bar, bistro or night club, you should think of introducing this exclusive lighting system in your set up. You won’t have to worry about the maintenance of the product in the long run as this is scratch and stain resistant. In fact, you can easily clean this on daily basis to give it an increased life span. The rustic touch of this light will surely get noticed by the customers and visitors in your hub. This sort of lighting system will fetch a lot of appreciation.

Antique Dome Hanging Light

You need to create a very positive and happening environment in a night club, lounge or ice cream parlor to attract regular visitors. That can be done in the best way when you have this hospitality hanging lights in there. This iron made light will last for long for being both scratch and stain resistant. There is absolutely no hassle to clean this on a regular basis either. This brown colored rustic designed light will illuminate a feel of elegance to your commercial set up with ease. You can rely upon the quality as this is made up of powder-coated metal along with heavy-duty inserts and hardware.

Art-Deco Hutch Cabinet

Trade your expensive furniture for this Art-Deco Hutch Cabinet and you’d know you’ve satisfied your whims and fancies in the right way. Made from reclaimed wood, this standard size cabinet can be put in hostels, lodgers or hotels owing to its size, utility and easy maintenance. With a lot of compartments and space to store and keep all your big and small things, this repurposed or reclaimed piece of furniture does the job of at least two storage units. It has a natural and raw finish that attracts the eye and catches attention in the first look itself. Stylish, functional and wallet-friendly!

Avant-Garde Rustic Table Lamp

Treat your aesthetic sense in the most flawless way with the purchase of this table lamp, that is apt for any hotel, lounge, and eatery. Being made of iron, this is quite sturdy for regular and rough usage. Moreover, this is both scratch and stain resistant. This rustic furniture can be cleaned on regular basis in a simple way. The elegance of this product gets well highlighted due to its brown color and industrial design. Thus, opt for this metal finished lamp to optimize a particular corner of your space in the most effective way. For sure, the designer look of this lamp will fetch you with loads of compliments.

Bygone Era Table Lamp

Designed exquisitely to upgrade the look of your microbrewery or ice cream parlor, this rustic styled, bygone era table lamp exudes a unique charm. Crafted in a comforting brown color, this filament floor lamp has been made with iron and powder-coated metal materials that ensure it is long-lasting. Easy to maintain and clean, this scratch and stain resistant piece has been curated with care. Finished with a distressed metal look, this elegant lamp will definitely be a conversation starter. Additionally, this stress-free piece comes fully assembled and is a pleasure to use. Add a touch of grace to your space with this elegant industrial lamp. Order today!

Chic Accent Cabinet

You’d definitely be ready to swap anything for this piece of furniture that is sure to add Boho vibes to your room decor instantly. Use it at Cafes, Bunks or hotels and you’d know your guests love this cabinet too much to take it home. This Chic Accent Cabinet would instantly give character to drab interiors of any Bistro or cafe. This cyan colored handcrafted piece of furniture is one-of-a-kind and also spacious to store a lot of big and small things. It can also have a lock if required, in case you plan to store precious things in it.

Classic Art-Nouveau Pendant Light

This natural colored pendant light is seamlessly finished in distressed metal, lending it a rustic artisanal look. Crafted from strong iron and powder-coated metal materials, this stain and scratch resistant piece comes fully assembled, reducing your workload to half. Apt in a cozy corner of a bar, cafe or coffee shop, this exuberant hanging light will freshen up your overall decor. Add a touch of whimsical to your space and get your guests to start thinking out of the box. Displaying a classic art style, this dome-shaped pendant light is all you need to make an impression. Order it today!

Dura-Strong© Serving Cart

This cart is a shelf design that has been converted to a moveable piece of industrial furniture by adding wheels to it. A Dura Strong serving furniture, this cart is best suited for restaurants and Cafeterias to move the ready food orders to the guest’s tables or to put the excess drinks, bottles, or unserved snacks on the side of the guest’s main table. Add this to your classical decor and see what difference a play of this wood and metal cart can make to the ambiance. A functional, simplistic, utilitarian cart which can also work well as a minibar. Comes in a brown-black color story.

Eccentric Indian Wine Rack

No matter what time of year it is, this eccentric Indian rack is always appreciated. Built to last with iron and a mix of solid hardwood, its timeless elegance goes well with both classic and contemporary decors. Scratch and stain resistant, the exemplary design of this wine rack will add a touch of brilliance to your hotel, pub or guest house. Available in a striking red color, this custom made automobile furniture comes with a sleek metal finish that catches the eye. Exclusively handcrafted to suit your needs, it will definitely be a conversation starter leaving all patrons spellbound with its brilliance. Fill your space with this flawless, one-of-a-kind piece. Order it today!

Eclectic Pipe & Gauge Lamp

If you are in search of a jazzy vibrant resto-bar lamp that may illuminate and highlight the favorite corner of your room in the most effective way, you have come across the perfect one. This lamp is apt for any bar lounge or bistro. When it comes to the quality of the product, you won’t have to worry at all. This is totally scratch and stain resistant. Another striking feature of this product is it comes being totally assembled. So you won’t have to go through the strenuous process of assembling post purchasing. Opt for this uncolored abstract floor lamp and create a rocking ambiance in your desired space in the most skillful way.

Enchanting Chic Cone Pendant

Known to inject some poetry into the soul of trendy design, this chic pendant light is considered a perfect pick to add some life into the room. Made in a simple palette of purple color with iron and powder-coated metal materials, this enchanting cone-shaped light will lend a positive vibe to your brewpub, bistro or even nightclub. Designed in a rustic and artisanal French Provincial style, this weathered light is both stain and scratch resistant, making daily cleaning an easy task. Finished in distressed metal, this gorgeous hanging light will make for a cozy space for your patrons. Transform your lounge into a comfortable zone within seconds. Order this visual treat today!

Enchanting Wine Cabinet

Give your guests a treat for their eyes apart from just pleasing them with amazing drinks, food and your service. An Enchanting Wine Cabinet that can uplift the mood and style of any microbrewery, guest house or bar owing to its unique shape and raw and unfinished natural finish. This up-cycled piece of furniture is scratch and stain resistant owing to the reclaimed wood its made from. Apart from 3 display or storage shelves, it has a wine rack at the bottom and is a one-of-a-kind bar cabinet with an uncolored look. Available at a reasonable price, you can order this cabinet with just a click!

Esoteric Indian Hand-Cart Display

Your hip new resto-bar is just a click away. We mean it. This Esoteric Indian Hand-Cart Display is crafted in iron and has unmatchable aesthetics. This one-of-a-kind hospitality display can give a new life and look to any Bistro, Brewery, and Restaurant. A furniture accent with an old school vintage design and an elegant retro feel, this cart saves space while becoming the center of attraction. Keep your interiors minimalistic as you add this magnet at any drab corner of the room. Designed keeping in mind, the space constraint in cafes and breweries. We assure you that you will have all the eyeballs rolling.

Exotic Club Armchair with Abstract Imprint

The perfect formula to play with quirky and classy together, a method to bring in the right madness among chic minimalistic decor is this script furniture. This exotic club armchair with abstract imprint is ideal for use in tent, lodges and bunks and is crafted from best quality leather. It is easy and convenient for daily cleaning and has a canvas upholstered seat top. The hardwood frame with solid wood legs makes this a long-lasting armchair that will outlast rigorous commercial using and the high resiliency foam provides a firm yet comfortable sitting experience. Value for money and delivered at your doorstep.

Exotic Cycle-Table Lamp

This exotic table lamp is sure to add a touch of modern style to any room. Crafted in a cycle shape, the rustic look of this brown lamp is heightened by its artisanal design. Made scratch and stain resistant with strong iron and powder-coated metal materials, this beautifully upcycled piece will bring a chic and bright look to your restaurant, resort or even an ice cream parlor. Visually appealing and welcoming to all guests, this magnificent floor lamp has a warm country style that never fades. Finished with distressed metal, this charming pub light will optimize your space like no other while spreading a warmth. Order it today!

Exotic Exposed-Bulb Lighting

This Moroccan inspired exotic light is the perfect blend of modern and traditional design ensuring your space has the right blend of style and positivity. Crafted for a cheerful nook, this attractive hanging lamp will definitely spread a warmth that will keep your guests feeling great. Made from iron and powder-coated metal materials, this black filament pendant light is most suited for a night club, lounge, cafe or even a sheesha bar. Scratch and stain resistant, this easy to maintain piece comes fully assembled. The rustic look of this distressed metal finished piece gives it an artisanal feel. Order this stunning light today!

Exotic French-Chic Pendant Lighting

Crafted from strong iron and powder-coated metal materials, this exotic French Provincial styled light is the go-to furniture for your bar, club or hotel to enhance its visual appeal. Easy to maintain and clean owing to its stain and scratch resistance feature, the weathered look of this rustic hanging lamp will spread a warmth around the space that will make your patrons comfortable and at home. Shaped like a dome, it comes with a distressed metal finish that stands the test of time. Spoil yourself with its admirable design and artisanal feel. Also, this amazing piece comes fully assembled, ensuring you have a satisfying experience. Order this chic pendant light today!

Exquisite Antique Bookshelf

If you’re looking to add a spark to the interiors of your resort, guest house or hotel than some antique furniture, this will definitely do the job. This exquisite antique bookshelf is one of the best hotel display furniture as it is stand alone and utilizes very less space. A shelf crafted in mango wood, this has a weathered or distressed finish and catches one’s attention immediately. A durable one, this is constructed using hard-wearing commercial grade inputs like hinges, knobs and handles and is sure to last you generations. Being stylish and functional, without a doubt, this bookshelf will serve your purpose!

Hand-Carved Corner Bookshelf

A standard display unit that would fit well in a Vacation Villa, a Spa or a Guesthouse with a Chic yet Bohemian interior, this hand-carved corner bookshelf instantly teleports you the Mughal Era. Crafted primarily of mango wood, this small display unit with a distressed finish is robust and is sure to last you over a decade. Constructed using hardwood and hard-wearing powder-coated ironwork, this one is easy and convenient for daily cleaning. A bookshelf that comes fully assembled and has a distinct look and finish. Don’t wait, order this must-buy piece of furniture that is sure to satisfy your needs!

Handcrafted Accent Cabinet

This handcrafted accent table is a bespoke piece of furniture that is priceless owing to its multicolored yet weathered and distressed look. Ideal for a vacation villa, a cafe at a camping site or a hotel. Crafted from solid hardwood and heavy-duty inserts and hardware, this wardrobe unit can be used in a bedroom as well as a living room. This designer piece of furniture with a space optimizing construction and a shabby chic look can be used to store books, shoes or anything you love. An Artisanal handmade design that has an elegant yet eclectic feel. Buy now at a fair price from the comfort of your home!

Irresistible Art-Deco Drum Pendant

Accentuate the visual appeal of your pub, bakery or diner decor with this drum pendant light. Displaying a contemporary yet modern style, this metal finished light will bring a youthful vibe to your space. Crafted from iron and powder-coated metal materials, this excellent piece is scratch and stain resistant, making its maintenance super easy. The industrial and artisanal design is sure to add a touch of warmth to your room which keeps all your guests feeling comfortable and relaxed. This luxurious light comes fully assembled making it a completely hassle-free product. Available in black, this grill room light has an irresistible art deco feel. Order this rustic piece today!

Old-World Pendant Lighting

Created to reflect a French provincial style, this old word pendant light is truly timeless. Crafted in the shape of a dome, its rustic and artisanal design is sure to add some excitement to your brewpub, cafe, diner or bar. Made with iron and powder-coated metal materials, it comes with a distressed metal finish that lends it an arty feel. This amazing weathered hanging lamp is scratch and stain resistant, thereby, easy to maintain and comes fully assembled. Available in an eye-catching cyan color, this elegant piece will help you create a modern yet comfortable ambiance. Aesthetically appealing and inviting, order this stunning light today!

Old-World TV Stand

There is this piece of resort display furniture just waiting to complement the interiors of your guesthouse or vacation villa. A Rough Sawn type of furniture, this stylish TV stand has a powder-coated finish and comes fully assembled. You will love this Old world TV Stand if you love things which are out of the box in style and ultimate in look. Something that will last you generations and is easy to maintain owing to its scratch and stain-resistant surface. With a brown color and an enclosed shelving TV Stand, this will surely give your basic room interiors a new look.

Quaint Etagere Bookshelf

Make a statement with this hospitality display furniture piece which not only is scratch resistant but also stain resistant and easy and convenient to clean. This Quaint Etagere Bookshelf in a metal finish can give life to interiors of any Guest Villa, Country Club or Inn while making it look chic and classy. Add this to a minimalistic decor and have aesthetics win over utility. This piece of furniture is affordable, value for money and is inspired by the Bauhaus movement. The bookshelf comes fully assembled, to save you the hassle of assembling it. Buy it now, or regret later.

Quaint Metal Pendant Lighting

If you want to add a splash of light that may create a most trendy effect in your restaurant, pub or ice cream parlor, just go for this restaurant hanging lights without being hesitant at all. You will love the rustic fashionable look of it instantly. Being made of iron, there comes no question of getting damaged. This premium quality light is both scratch and stain resistant. Moreover, keeping it squeaky clean is really simple. As this is available in assembled mode, there comes no tension of getting this assembled after purchasing. Give a new dimension to the decor of your treasured eateries with the inclusion of this amazing light.

Rare Edition Table Lamp

Featuring a unique design, this rare edition table lamp will definitely be the show stopper of your lounge, night club or coffee shop. Crafted from iron and powder-coated metal materials, this artisanal floor lamp is a true treasure. Displaying a vintage style, this rustic piece is scratch and stain resistant, making it easy to maintain. With its distressed metal finish, this table lamp is one of the most striking products on the list. Available in a marvelous brown color, the enchanting features of this filament table lamp definitely serve your purpose. Make an impression with your guests and add a touch of charm to your space. Order this fascinating lamp today!

Rare Postman Hutch Desk

Contemporary in design, minimalistic in form, unique in style and extremely utilitarian is this Rare Postman Hutch Desk-cum-Showcase. Put this in a place where there is space crunch, as it plays a role of both a table and a shelf. Ideal for a camp or a tent and can withstand various environments owing to its manufacturing from commercial-grade materials and joineries. It has a burnt metal finish and an old school vintage design with a retro and elegant feel. This standard size hutch desk comes with a stool attached, that makes it an ideal computer or reading table. Order now!

Rugged Tolix Bar Counter Stool Full Back

Make your night club, pub or resort look luxurious in a different sort of way by adding this rugged Tolix Bar Counter Stool with Full back as a pub or bar stool. An oversized product with iron as a primary material, this scratch and stain-resistant industrial piece of furniture is a hot seller and surely a head-turner. A bar height bar stool, this one has a powder-coated finish and a silver color with classic retro styling. Bring the fun into your bar with this eclectic piece of decor and you won’t regret spending a single penny on this beauty. Big on style, comfort and utility.

Rugged Utility Cart

Built keeping in mind optimum utilization of space along with a durable body and an unmatchable finish, this standard size cart gives an instant touch of glam to any hotel, cafeteria, banquet or any event. This industrial piece of furniture comes fully assembled and is easy to clean owing to its scratch and stain-resistant finish which makes it super easy to maintain. Crafted out of a robust mix of solid hardwood and hard-wearing powder-coated iron, this minimalistic decor piece is totally worth investing in. Inspired by the Bauhaus movement, this one is totally drool-worthy. Go ahead and order this stylish furniture now with just a click.

Rustic Pendant Lighting

Combining practicality with grace, this pendant light let you create an alluring house. You are assured to reflect the energetic lifestyle. The craftsmanship of the pendant light really emphasizes the technique used to create the industrial design. Adding to that, this easy-to-maintain pendant light from iron material is the perfect combo of industrial design with a rustic, artisanal touch. In addition, this scratch-resistant pendant light is a charming way for encompassing style in every single aspect to a house. This wonderful pendant light has astonishing industrial furniture feature. Of course, it is finished with attractive standard product size feature. Truly works! Buy Now!

Scandinavian Bar Cart

This Scandinavian bar cart that is moveable as it has wheels will prove to be the trendiest piece of furniture in your hotel or food court and will be the coolest way to serve drinks and snacks. This food and beverage cart that comes with a rustic finish forms a part of the new minimalistic decor in vogue. Constructed to utilize minimum space but give maximum utility, this is a piece of furniture which is strong and can be used both indoor and outdoor. A scratch and stain-resistant piece of furniture that has a durable chassis. Don’t wait! Go ahead and order now!

Timeless Hanging Pendant Lighting

If you are up for being experimental and want to pick up something really unique and tantalizing for your lounge or bistro interior decor, just opt for this pendant lighting system. You will love its weathered or distressed metal finish. Moreover, the durability of this product is well implied as this is made with the usage of commercial-grade materials and joineries. These lights, being scratch and stain resistant, get easy to maintain and proves to be highly utility items. You can also go for its regular cleaning without facing any issue. Since you can get it in an already assembled mode, you won’t have to undergo through the process of assembling post its purchase.

Victorian-era Hanging Light

Ready to get a visually seamless look, invest in this lovable pendant light. This pendant light with its impressive black color pairs well with any decor. Furthermore, the iron material provides a nice rich texture which will define a modern Microbrewery, Hotel, Lounge and home. Adding to that, the brilliant industrial design and cool black color are totally open to any look. Available in shape and black color. This industrial furniture pendant light has all the good things that a user looks for in a pendant light. When the pendant light wraps the Microbrewery, Hotel, Lounge and home, there’s yet more standard product size feature. Perfection redefined!

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