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Do you want to make your hotel and resort space look unique? There are various elements in furniture pieces and accents that you can add to showcase your brand theme. One way to make your place attention-grabbing is to add floor lamps having unique and unusual designs. Patrons love witnessing retro and inspired accents incorporated in the interior decor of a hotel and resort. Floor lamps not only look like a stylish decor art but also aid in highlighting other furniture pieces surrounding it. FurnitureRoots has a wide variety of creative and unique floor lamps which can add spice to your existing theme. Buy from options like vintage floor lamps, copper finish lamps, industrial floor lamps, retro-chic lamps, etc. We also offer you 1-year warranty on your purchase that meets high-quality benchmarks. You can customise the product on parameters like design, finish, colour, dimension, material, etc. to give it a personalised look. Don’t worry about cleaning because the floor lamps are manufactured for easy maintenance. Enquire about these decorative floor lamps that will light up your hotel and resort with its persona and essence.

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Avant-Garde Rustic Table Lamp

Treat your aesthetic sense in the most flawless way with the purchase of this table lamp, that is apt for any hotel, lounge, and eatery. Being made of iron, this is quite sturdy for regular and rough usage. Moreover, this is both scratch and stain resistant. This rustic furniture can be cleaned on regular basis in a simple way. The elegance of this product gets well highlighted due to its brown color and industrial design. Thus, opt for this metal finished lamp to optimize a particular corner of your space in the most effective way. For sure, the designer look of this lamp will fetch you with loads of compliments.

Bygone Era Table Lamp

Designed exquisitely to upgrade the look of your microbrewery or ice cream parlor, this rustic styled, bygone era table lamp exudes a unique charm. Crafted in a comforting brown color, this filament floor lamp has been made with iron and powder-coated metal materials that ensure it is long-lasting. Easy to maintain and clean, this scratch and stain resistant piece has been curated with care. Finished with a distressed metal look, this elegant lamp will definitely be a conversation starter. Additionally, this stress-free piece comes fully assembled and is a pleasure to use. Add a touch of grace to your space with this elegant industrial lamp. Order today!

Creative Metal Fan Floor Lamp

This metallic floor lamp is creatively designed like a fan for use in breweries, restaurants and cafes. The upcycled furniture is primarily made using iron and does not scratch or stain, making it easy to clean and maintain. Use of the powder-coated metal and heavy-duty inserts give the brown colored lighting device a firm and durable look. Though made in an industrial design, the artisanal touch of a rustic decor and Duco finish adds a touch of class to the floor lamp. This standard-sized lamp is constructed to optimize on space and is sold fully assembled requiring no further tedious assembling.

Exotic Cycle-Table Lamp

This exotic table lamp is sure to add a touch of modern style to any room. Crafted in a cycle shape, the rustic look of this brown lamp is heightened by its artisanal design. Made scratch and stain resistant with strong iron and powder-coated metal materials, this beautifully upcycled piece will bring a chic and bright look to your restaurant, resort or even an ice cream parlor. Visually appealing and welcoming to all guests, this magnificent floor lamp has a warm country style that never fades. Finished with distressed metal, this charming pub light will optimize your space like no other while spreading a warmth. Order it today!

FR Lamps Series Dome-Shaped Tripod Floor Lamp in Gunmetal Finish

Your restaurant, lounge or coffee shop will look executively good with this designer Dome-Shaped Tripod Floor Lamp in Gunmetal Finish. The Nickel floor lamp is a retro inspired furniture that is crafted to provide lighting in a creative way. This tripod floor lamp is scratch and stain resistant with very easy to clean features. It comes fully assembled and has a metal finish and a rustic decor to match. The powder-coated metal and heavy duty inserts and hardware are commercial grade materials which make the floor lamp last long and hold firm. It’s standard sized with an industrial design that optimizes space. Don’t miss it out!

FR Lamps Series Dome-Top Tripod Floor Lamp in Antique Copper Finish

This Dome-Top Tripod Floor Lamp in Antique Copper Finish with a copper antique finish is an ideal source of lighting at bakeries and nightclubs. The tripod floor lamp has been designed creatively to add a glamorous look to your business premises. It comes fully assembled with a metallic finish and a rustic decor. This scratch and stain resistant rustic furniture can be cleaned daily easily and conveniently. The retro inspired furniture is made using the commercial grade powder-coated metal material and heavy duty inserts. It’s therefore durable and strong enough to stand firmly on the floor during lighting. This standard sized floor lamp metallic finish and a rustic decor.

FR Lamps Series Dome-Top Tripod Floor Lamp in Rust Brown Finish

Looking for an excellent floor lamp to spread light and joy in your room? Then, go ahead. This Modernist Dome-Top Tripod Floor Lamp in Rust Brown Finish is the ideal choice. It brings a tint of brown color into your living space. It has an iron construction that is scratch and stain-resistant which makes it long-lasting and easy-cleanable. This metallic floor lamp features a modern shape adorned with an industrial finish to suit the decor needs of modern and contemporary interiors. It’s very good looking, impressing and is available at a pocket-friendly price. Choose this burnt metal finish floor lamp to create a focal point in your living room, restaurant, hotel or bar.

FR Lamps Series Retro Bioscope-Design Tripod Floor Lamp in Rustic Brown Finish

This Bioscope-Design Tripod Floor Lamp in Rustic Brown Finish is an eye-catching essential to highlight and decorate your house. Naturally luxurious and appealing in brown color, this floor lamp pairs the plush touch of metal material and retro inspired construction. The specially curated industrial design elevates its visual appeal. This floor lamp is a key component not only to a visually appealing Ice Cream Parlor, Cafe, Eatery or living room but an efficient lighting accessory as well. Available in a different bioscope shape and a brown color, this scratch and stain-resistant lamp is super easy to maintain. Own this floor lamp with a click.

Iconic Metal Ship Style Floor Lamp

Want to set your Brewery, Microbrewery, or even your home apart from the ordinary? You need this uniquely designed floor lamp made of a scratch and stain resistant powder-coated iron material with an industrial design that looks crisp against the interior. One of the best features of this rustic lamp is that its display-ready construction requiring no assembly. It is easy-to-clean, can be your focal piece in any room, and comes with a surprisingly reasonable price tag. The ingenious standard size product makes your decorating needs simple. Take advantage of this sturdy, upcycled, and functional piece to renew the look of any room.

Metal Adjustable Floor Lamp

This Metal Adjustable Floor Lamp is a majestic piece that is worth buying. This silver colored, standard-sized lighting gadget is appropriate for use at cafes and pubs. It is made from iron and does not stain or scratch making it very easy to maintain. The modern piece of furniture is sold fully assembled, ready for use. This tripod floor lamp is suitable for designer spaces as decor and has an industrial design that has a rustic artisanal touch. The durability of this floor lamp is ensured due to the commercial-grade materials and joineries that are used. This elegant piece of furniture is space-optimized and adjustable.

Retro Chic Tripod Floor Lamp

Fitted with a chic tripod stand, this retro lamp is just perfect to light up any resort, bar, brewery or club. The ritzy iron and powder-coated metal materials used in making this lamp ensure it stays strong and is easy to maintain. Scratch and stain-resistant, the rustic, artisanal design of this piece comes fully assembled, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Styled in a shabby guise, this weathered floor lamp comes in a distressed finish giving it a warm yet modern feel. If you love both cyan color and industrial design, this is the perfect piece to enhance your space. Impress your guests with this stunning lamp. Order it today!

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