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Captivating Pipe & Gauge Lamp

This pipe and gauge lamp is a captivating addition to your pub, bakery or ice cream parlor. The standard-sized lighting device is made from a scratch and stain resistant iron and is easy and convenient for everyday cleaning. Its sold fully assembled for instant use. The commercial-grade materials and joineries used in making the upcycled furniture are an assurance for durability. An industrial design with a rustic artisanal touch rhymes well with antique finish of the brown-colored filament table lamp. It has a designer look and is constructed with space optimization features. You can now order this elegant lamp at the comfort of your home with just a click.

Creative Moped Wall Lamp

Make a unique style statement with this creative moped wall lamp. The beautiful soft hue of the lamp will light up your house and add to the beauty of the house too. Made from powder-coated iron metal and heavy-duty inserts, this wall lamp is sure to stand out and improve the visual appeal of the house. Available in brown color with an antique finish, this easy-to-maintain wall lamp can be placed at your home, in a bar, or coffee shops. The lamp is scratch and stain-resistant and comes pre-assembled. It can also be cleaned easily and does not take up too much space in your home.

Eclectic Pipe & Gauge Lamp

If you are in search of a jazzy vibrant resto-bar lamp that may illuminate and highlight the favorite corner of your room in the most effective way, you have come across the perfect one. This lamp is apt for any bar lounge or bistro. When it comes to the quality of the product, you won’t have to worry at all. This is totally scratch and stain resistant. Another striking feature of this product is it comes being totally assembled. So you won’t have to go through the strenuous process of assembling post purchasing. Opt for this uncolored abstract floor lamp and create a rocking ambiance in your desired space in the most skillful way.

Exquisite Table Lantern

These gorgeous upcycled table lanterns are one of the best and easiest ways to liven up your club, pub or coffee shop, regardless of its aesthetic. Crafted from iron and powder-coated metal materials, they are easy to clean and maintain being scratch and stain-resistant. Available in a rustic brown color, the artisanal design of these exquisite lanterns comes in a distressed metal finish that adds a touch of grace to them. Further, these cottage style pieces come fully assembled. Give your living space a makeover while making a lasting impression and enjoy a bit of class in your room. Order these filament floor lamps today!

Iconic Mid-Century Table Lamp

This Table Lamp with a factory theme is artistically designed with a rustic touch making it look awesome. The reading desk lamp is ideal for use in cafes, night clubs and lounges to provide just enough light at the desks. This fully assembled industrial furniture is stain and scratch resistant and has easy to clean features. Made using the commercial grade high quality powder-coated metal and heavy duty inserts, this lighting apparatus is clearly made to last. The black colored lamp has a classical decor and a duco finish. Its a standard sized retro style furniture with space optimizing features.

Mechanical Metal Wall Lamp

This Mechanical Metal Wall Lamp will beautifully illuminate your house, a bar, or a clubhouse without burning a hole in your pocket. If you love the color brown and are fond of antique designs, you must get home this wall lamp. Made from tough iron, this lamp is scratch-resistant and stain-resistant too. Likewise, this easy-to-maintain wall lamp is not only bright but also made from premium grade metal material. So, if you are looking forth to adding some life to your living space in a fashionable way, buy this lamp immediately. With a standard size, you will feel good about buying this easy-to-maintain wall lamp. It looks perfect!

Motor Bike Light Inspire Table Lamp

Using this table lamp can really add character to your living space. The antique finish looks great against your living space decor. Made with powder-coated metal, this rustic lamp is perfect for your table. The antique finish table lamp is the perfect example of understated design. For an impressive living space, this appealing table lamp works well. It has a standard product size that makes it so delightful. Adding to that, the ingenious upcycled lighting makes it possible to enjoy a bit of class in the Hotel, Bars, and home. In fact, it’s a good idea to invest in this fully assembled table lamp.

Pressure Gauge Base Table Accent Lamp with Exposed Bulb Frame

This sanitary pipe themed table lamp is an instant attraction. Its creatively designed to not only light up your space but do it in a highly seductive way. Ideal for use at the night clubs, coffee shop or bakery, this floor lamp has a duco finish and a classical decor that makes it look refined. The easy to clean industrial furniture is scratch and stain resistant and convenient enough for daily cleaning. Sold fully assembled, this abstract floor lamp with a retro furniture style has a standard size and a space optimizing design. Its made using commercial grade powder-coated metal and heavy duty inserts to make it last.

Rare Edition Table Lamp

Featuring a unique design, this rare edition table lamp will definitely be the show stopper of your lounge, night club or coffee shop. Crafted from iron and powder-coated metal materials, this artisanal floor lamp is a true treasure. Displaying a vintage style, this rustic piece is scratch and stain resistant, making it easy to maintain. With its distressed metal finish, this table lamp is one of the most striking products on the list. Available in a marvelous brown color, the enchanting features of this filament table lamp definitely serve your purpose. Make an impression with your guests and add a touch of charm to your space. Order this fascinating lamp today!

Recycled Bike Style Floor Lamp

Creating the room of your dreams starts with the choice of a floor lamp. Made from the durable powder-coated metal together with heavy-duty inserts, the lighting is guaranteed to last. The lamp’s brown color suits designer spaces and the antique finish makes it look elegant. Being scratch and stain resistant, the lighting is easy to keep clean. The floor lamp comes in a fully assembled form eliminating the pains of assembling. Whether for use at home, at the lounge, pub or bakery, this custom-made lamp is a perfect decor piece. It is space-optimized to fit into small rooms. Buy Now!

Recycled Metal Rustic Table Lamp

: Need to give your ice-cream parlor, brewpub, coffee shop or home an industrial look, then try out this recycled metal rustic table lamp. With an attractive looking natural color finish, this appealing item is finely designed from high-quality iron. This makes it scratch and stain-resistant and super easy to maintain. Finely powder coated with a rustic finish, this table lamp is a stylish addition to your work desk or accent table to spread light & joy in the room. While the commercial-grade materials and joineries make it durable, the fully-assembled construction greatly reduces your installation work. Go ahead and order this artisanal desk lamp with just a click.

Recycled Metal Table Lamp

This recycled metal table lamp comes with a simple and uncoloured finish for a rustic industrial look. It is made of durable material and will definitely give a good look to your living space as a piece of rustic decor. Creating a stunning trendy look, this industrial design table lamp will upgrade the look and feel of your Ice Cream Parlor, Microbrewery, Brewery and home while it is super easy to clean. Its standard size makes it a space optimizing option and the exposed bulb style construction makes it the right pick for perfect illumination. You are just a click ahead to get an antique look in your interior.

Recycled Moped Wall Lamp

 If you want to create a unique space in your home, go for this Recycled Moped Wall Lamp. The fabulous hue of the lamp will pep up your house and add to the gorgeousness. Made from powder-coated iron metal and heavy-duty inserts, this wall lamp is sure to stand out and create a lasting impression on your guests. Available in brown color with an antique finish, this easy-to-maintain wall lamp caters well to bars, coffee shops, restaurants, and home needs. Additionally, the lamp is scratch and stain-resistant and does not need to be assembled after delivery. It is also easy to clean and does not take up too much space.

Recycled Sanitary Pipe Decorative Lamp

Those who love quality and style can love this decorative lamp. The filament table lamp with exposed bulbs is creatively multicolored and suits rustic decor. This upcycled furniture is scratch and stain resistant making it easy to keep clean. It’s made from the durable iron material that is powder coated and with heavy-duty inserts. The rustic furniture has an industrial design with a rustic artistic touch. It is standard sized with a designer look that blends beautifully into any space in the restaurant, club or ice cream parlor. It’s sold fully assembled with no need for further assembling. Buy Now!

Recycled Sanitary Pipe Table Lamp

If you’re interested in improving the look and feel of your eatery, bistro or living room, this recycled sanitary pipe table lamp is a great start. With this particular uncolored table lamp, you add gaiety to the ambiance. Its an easy-to-maintain furnishing accessory made of high-quality powder-coated iron with a stain and scratch-resistant surface. One more notable thing is the sanitary pipe design that gives it a nice industrial look to suit rustic, antique and designer interiors. With an exposed bulb-style construction, this space optimizing table lamp spreads maximum light from the bulb. Moreover, the commercial-grade materials and joineries ensure durability.

Signature-Handcrafted Desk Lamp

 If you’re interested in improving the look and feel of your house, this Signature-Handcrafted Desk Lamp is a great way to start. Made from iron, this lovely desk lamp can be placed in any place of your choice – from ice cream parlors to a cafe, and even your home. This is an ultimate desk lamp that is loved by one and all! This easy-to-maintain and clean desk lamp comes with a smooth antique finish and pre-assembled too. It is available in the color brown and can be kept at any corner of the room without it taking up too much space.

Special-Edition Desk Lamp

If you have to add some life to your house, then there isn’t a better option than this special edition desk lamp. The desk lamp is made from tough iron and designed to the finesse. With cool brown color and applaudable industrial design, the quality of this desk lamp is mind-blowing. Featuring an extremely gorgeous design, this desk lamp is durable too. The standard product size feature makes it easy to fit it in a house, a bar, coffee shop, or a brewery. This desk lamp comes pre-assembled, is scratch and stain-resistant, and can be easily cleaned on a regular basis. Get it now!

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