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Abstract Pendant Lighting

Make your restaurant, coffee shop or hookah bar stand out with this Bauhaus styled pendant light. Designed in an abstract, rustic manner, this artisanal piece will serve you and your guests for a long time to come. Made with iron and powder-coated metal materials, this distressed metal finished light will brighten an otherwise dull room. Further, this amazing hanging lamp comes fully assembled, reducing any effort on your part. Scratch and stain resistant, it is easy to maintain and clean. Add a magical hue to your favorite space with this unique light. Available in a stunning black color, this trendy piece is all you need to make a difference. Order it today!

Alluring Ladder Bookshelf

What better way to give a makeover to boring interiors than adding an exuberant piece of furniture in one corner than adding this Alluring Ladder Bookshelf. Put this in a Boarding House or a Camp and you’ll surely add to the experience of the person putting up with this. Constructed in a robust mix of solid hardwood and hard-wearing powder-coated ironwork, this has a scratch and stain-resistant surface. A designer piece with a space optimizing construction, this is something that blends in with interiors of any style. A piece of furniture that is a collectible and can be passed on generations.

Artisanal Metal Bench

The restaurant, B&B, Country Club or Inn require some special designed furniture to impress the visitors. Thus, go for this iron made cafe and hookah bar bench and mesmerize the audience with ease. This bench will stun anyone due to its superior design with the presence of arm, back and metal seat top. Powder-coated finish has showcased a feel of elegance. If modern and contemporary interiors charm you the most, then you will be super excited with this purchase. A perfect blend of modernity and elegance is well revealed in its overall design. If space constraint is troubling you, then be relieved to know that this will take very little space.

Barstool: 1900s Art Nouveau Design

If you are picky while it comes to the selection of the barstool for your resort, microbrewery or club, you will be over ecstatic to come across this industrial barstool. This industrial furniture is of standard size and is both armless and backless. Since you will get this in assembled form, no need to go through any assembling task after purchasing. The Duco finish along with the leather seat top has done wonders with its overall appearance. The sturdiness of this product is well assured due to the presence of a robust mix of solid hardwood and hard-wearing powder-coated ironwork. This classical decor furniture with adjustable height is black in color and has padded seat.

Barstool: Victorian Art-Nouveau-style

Your cafe, eatery or bakery can be decked up in perfect style, once you have this Victorian styled armless iron seating. This industrial backless furniture with wooden seat top will unleash a brilliant change in the look of the inner segment. This counter height bar stool is nor prone to scratch nor to stain. There is absolutely no hassle that one may face while doing regular cleaning of this furniture. The durability of this classical decor furniture is guaranteed as this is made out of commercial-grade materials and joineries. This black colored backless bar stool comes with floor glides that prevent scratches on the floor.

Bent-Arm Restaurant Chair

Restaurant chairs may either enhance or spoil the interior decoration of any coffee shop or bistro. Enhance the beauty of your set up in a drastic way with the placement of these standard sized seating furniture with metal seat top. This looks more elegant with its arms and back. Since this is available being assembled, no further tension of doing the task by hiring technicians post buying. The powder-coated finish will ensure a polish texture that will allure you. Seat and back are manufactured with density foam that is used for commercial purpose. In fact, to render you with an ultimate sitting experience, they have also included HR (High Resiliency) foam.

Boho Style Swivel Pub Stool

This swivel bar chair is a unique craftmanship representation of the creative process that includes armless construction in a weathered or distressed finish. This is an expensive-looking bar stool that truly immerses you with comfort, style and functionality. This stool is fully assembled and includes a strong powder-coated iron frame structure and comfortable padded seat. The captivating part is its lovely blue color. Moreover, this Boho style bar stool is stain & scratch resistant making it easy to maintain and is a space optimizing choice for vacation villas, clubs, microbrewery and bars. Buy it to be part of the latest trend.

Break-out Zone Metal Stool

If the chairs in your ice cream parlor or bistro are prone to any scratch and stain, then it is high time you should think of replacing those. Go for this metal stool instead that is both scratch and stain-resistant and comes with wooden seat top.  This is both armless and backless. You can completely trust on its quality as this is made with the inclusion of solid hardwood and hard wearing powder-coated ironwork. This black designer bespoke furniture will prove to be a standout in your commercial set up with its exclusive beauty and sheer elegance and comfort factor. Space optimization won’t be of any issue once you grab this unique stool in your hub.

Built-to-Last Metal Bar Chair

An artful choice, this built-to-last bar chair is the perfect piece to accentuate the look of your microbrewery, night club or brewpub. Crafted with solid iron, it has a leather seat top that is padded with high-density foam to provide your guests with a comfortable seating experience. Scratch and stain-resistant, this stylish extra tall chair is easy to maintain and clean. The right blend of modern and contemporary design, this full back piece comes with a powder-coated finish that matches your trendy space. Fitted with floor glides that prevent scrapes, this gorgeous chair is sure to make a lasting impression. Order it today!

Bygone Era Table Lamp

Designed exquisitely to upgrade the look of your microbrewery or ice cream parlor, this rustic styled, bygone era table lamp exudes a unique charm. Crafted in a comforting brown color, this filament floor lamp has been made with iron and powder-coated metal materials that ensure it is long-lasting. Easy to maintain and clean, this scratch and stain resistant piece has been curated with care. Finished with a distressed metal look, this elegant lamp will definitely be a conversation starter. Additionally, this stress-free piece comes fully assembled and is a pleasure to use. Add a touch of grace to your space with this elegant industrial lamp. Order today!

Bygone Reclaimed Stool

If you want to introduce a very rare yet unique collection of stools to your coffee shop, cafe or bistro, you should go for this exclusive designed standard-sized armless and backless stool. This will create a rustic look in your setup with its unfinished or raw look that will create a very positive vibe instantly. The wooden seat top will mark its elegance and comfort. There is no tension in terms of its lasting quality as this is made of commercial standard materials and joineries. If vibrance is your preference, then this multicolored stool will also add a gaudy feel in your entire joint. You can save your floors from scratches too as this is comprised of floor glides.

Cast Iron Adjustable Stool

If you are not satisfied with the present set of stools in your coffee shop, eatery or bakery, then it is high time you should think of replacing those. Go for this retro-styled adjustable stool this time that is made up of iron. You will find this very convenient to clean on a daily basis. Also as this is both scratch and stain resistant, you can use it with minimal maintenance for a long span. Durability is guaranteed as they have used commercial-grade materials and joineries. This backless bar stool will deck up your favorite corner with ease. You can adjust the height of the stool as per your convenience. So overall, this will prove to be a great investment that you simply cannot afford to miss out.

Chic Accent Cabinet

You’d definitely be ready to swap anything for this piece of furniture that is sure to add Boho vibes to your room decor instantly. Use it at Cafes, Bunks or hotels and you’d know your guests love this cabinet too much to take it home. This Chic Accent Cabinet would instantly give character to drab interiors of any Bistro or cafe. This cyan colored handcrafted piece of furniture is one-of-a-kind and also spacious to store a lot of big and small things. It can also have a lock if required, in case you plan to store precious things in it.

Chic Barstool in Leather

If you are looking for a brilliant designed top seating arrangement for your bars, microbrewery or bistro, you simply have to go for this one. This standard-sized distressed metal finish phenomenal seat has rexine seat top. Since the back and the seat of the barstool is made with commercial use density foam, customers will experience and relish the ultimate sitting experience. The HR (High Resiliency) foam will prove to be massively comfortable. If you are still worrying on the maintenance part, you should know that this stool is very easy to maintain as this is scratch and stain-proof. You can easily clean this on daily basis as well. The durability factor is also guaranteed due to the inclusion of commercial-grade materials and joineries.

Chic Perch Stool

Your brewery or club lounge requires counter seating arrangement like this. This iron made modern styled furniture has no back or arm. Cleaning this on a regular basis is so very simple. Construction of this seating is done with an effective mix of solid hardwood and hard-wearing coated ironwork in powdered form. This seat will portray its space optimizing factor along with elegance in perfect measure. There is no chance of this product getting a stain or scratch as this is both stain and scratch-resistant. Wooden seat top of this product will showcase your royal choice. You won’t get any floor scratch with its usage as this has floor glides.

Style Your Own

Classic Colonial Coffee Table

Is space a constraint and you’re confused about how to make your space look beautiful while making optimum use of it? Fret not, and invest in this standard size Classical Colonial Coffee table and use it as a side table in a room or as a centerpiece depending on the decor. Best suited for bars, coffee shops or cafes with a Boho Decor. With seating for 2, this makes for a perfect reading table, solo coffee drinking experience or that heart to heart conversation between lovers or catching up of those long lost friends. A red-colored low height dining table with a duco finish that makes for a collectible.

Classic Drafting Bar Stool

If you are in search for the most alluring bar counter height stools, you should immediately grab this standard-sized iron stool that comes in both backless and armless form. You will simply fall in love with this industrial furniture due to its super classical decorating style. Being scratch and stain-resistant, this is very easy to maintain. Since you get this in an assembled format, no hassle of assembling post you buy this. The leather set top of this bar height bar stool is made with the inclusion of commercial use density foam, for the seat as well as for the back. The ultimate sitting experience can be gained due to the presence of HR (High Resiliency) Foam.

Classical Iron Frame Bar Stool

If you are worried about how to give a classy look to your lounge, brewpub or any corporate stay, then you have to opt for this bar stool. For sure this will create a very positive impact on the visitors due to its retro and classical look. If individualistic design allure you the most, then you have to consider this designer swivel bar stool. The powder-coated iron frame structure of this stool guarantees its superior quality. Also if you want to save your floor from any scratch, then the floor glides that are included in this will prove to be highly effective.

Cross-Back Restaurant Chair

A well-selected cafe chair in your hotel, brewery or bistro will fetch you with tons of compliments. Opt for this modern designed iron made furniture that comes in an assembled form. This chair is inclusive of a relaxing back and looks quite sleek as this is armless. You won’t find any issue even if you tend to clean this on daily basis. The materials of this chair are indeed highly durable as those are inclusive of solid hardwood and sturdy powder-coated ironwork. There comes no doubt about its durability as this is made up of commercial-grade materials and joineries. Brown color suits most for this dining side chair.

Custom Build Cycle Pub Stool

Add this masterpiece furniture in your pub, brewery or club and let its royalty speak with its unique design itself. This standard-sized upcycled seating furniture has been crafted with utmost care. The leather and padded seat top convey comfort factor along with its bar height. The rustic decor and duco finish will leave your visitors just mesmerized. This backless bar stool will be delivered to you in an assembled form. So you just pick those up and start using immediately instead of waiting for this to get assembled. If hygiene is your priority, then you will be glad to know that this can be easily cleaned on a day to day basis.

Dazzling Middle-Eastern Bar Chair

Displaying an intricate Moroccan design, this dazzling middle-east inspired chair has been created from iron and a robust mix of solid hardwood. Available in a bold black color, this armless piece is stain and scratch-resistant, making its maintenance an easy affair. Featuring a padded PU leatherette seat top that offers hours of comfort, this fully assembled chair is the right choice in a cozy corner of a resort, night club or even a corporate stay. Make your brewery or bar irresistible to guests by choosing this amazing piece. To add to its attractive design, this classic piece has a powder-coated finish. Order it today!

Distressed Art Deco Hotel Chair

Compliment the interior decor of your restaurant, night club or ice cream parlor with the purchase of this standard-sized iron made food court chairs.  These chairs look truly elegant with its weathered or distressed finish looks. This chair has a very distinguished and individualistic style with its boho decor theme. You can produce a splash of multicolored effect in your food joint by placing a few of these in various parts of the room. For sure, this shabby chic furniture will stun your customers to the hilt. One of the most positive effects of this chair is in its space optimization capacity.

Distressed Boho Style Bar Stool

Would you remember a cafe, a bar or a restaurant for the stools it carries? Yes, you would if they are as quirky yet comforting as this one. This distressed boho style bar stool is sure to add value to any lounge, brewpub or night club owing to its simple yet sophisticated design and execution. This stool in a multicolored and distressed metal finish is constructed of solid hardwood and hard-wearing powder-coated ironwork that can be moved around freely without a scratch or any damage to the body. A basic stool that has its own design language and is sure to enhance the user’s experience.

Dura-Build Metal Hotel Chair

If both durability and style are your primary concerns while selecting restaurant and cafeteria chairs for your hotel or bar, you need to grab this modern styled chair right away. This armless chair with back and powder coated finish will catch anyone’s attention with ease. Leather seat top will provide ultimate comfort to the visitors. You wont have to worry on the quality of the material either as this is made up of density foam that is mainly used for commercial reasons. The HR (High Resiliency) foam will ensure that you experience adequate cozy feel while sitting. Of course coziness and luxury feel is well implied due to the implementation of padded seat over this black colored dining armchair.

Eccentric Bookcase-cum-Table

Marry form and function with an on-trend design and you are sure to get this Eccentric Bookcase-cum-Table as a result of it. This standard size hospitality display is designed keeping in mind the need of such minimalistic and utilitarian piece of furniture in either a hotel or a motel. Also, this Industrial piece of furniture would compliment any rustic decor owing to its metallic finish. Use it to decorate showpieces, add books, or plants or just about anything that you may like your guests to see. A wonderful design of furniture that is well executed and a total value for money.

Eccentric Indian Wine Rack

No matter what time of year it is, this eccentric Indian rack is always appreciated. Built to last with iron and a mix of solid hardwood, its timeless elegance goes well with both classic and contemporary decors. Scratch and stain resistant, the exemplary design of this wine rack will add a touch of brilliance to your hotel, pub or guest house. Available in a striking red color, this custom made automobile furniture comes with a sleek metal finish that catches the eye. Exclusively handcrafted to suit your needs, it will definitely be a conversation starter leaving all patrons spellbound with its brilliance. Fill your space with this flawless, one-of-a-kind piece. Order it today!

Elegant Metal Wooden Bar Chair

Selection of the most convenient and graceful bar chair is possible when you avail this iron made armless standard sized chair. This chair is very easy to clean on a daily basis. This chair is found in assembled mode with back and powder-coated finish. The wooden seat top with bar height will render a maximum amount of comfort and luxury to the visitors. One can spend quality time in the cafe while they sit on this chair. You won’t have to take any headache in terms of its quality or material. This is made with solid hardwood and hard wearing powder-coated ironwork. If you stress upon both elegance and comfort factor, this is a must-have item in your business setup. The retro look of the seating furniture will leave a cool impact to the overall ambiance.

Enchanting Pendant Lighting

This pendant light is a perfect piece to inject some modern style to the Club, Eatery, Bakery and Home. Adding to that, the simple industrial design rendered in iron material gives a clean, classy look to it. Obviously, the iron material looks worldly and long-term sustainability in black color. Further, the color of the pendant light goes with the iron material to make a perfect lamp. Simply pick this fully assembled pendant light and you are halfway up to imprint cuteness to your living space. It obviously has industrial furniture feature, but that’s what makes it so comfy. Features are astonishing for sure. A great way for creating a focal point in your house!

Ethnic Indian Lawson Sofa

Drool-worthy, with a perfect balance of color, form and design and an oomph of its own. This Ethnic Indian Accent Chair is one of the hot sellers from the category of hotel and Guest Villa Furniture. This standard size product is sure to be the center of attraction in any night club, guest house or lodge and is made using fabric patchwork. A sustainably made fabric chair, which reuses fabric patches providing not just an eco-friendly design but also a classically Indian appeal to your business space. Invest in this one and it will save you from buying multiple pieces of furniture.

Exclusive Modernist Bar Chair

If you are in search of one of the most alluring designed lounge bar chairs for your bar, brewpub or hotel, you need to grab this product immediately. You will find this armless standard-sized scratch and stain-resistant chair of high utility in your joint. Firstly, your customers will enjoy a cozy time on this as this is made up of metal seat top with a drain hole and a full back with a bar height length. Secondly, this particular product can escalate an image of your setup drastically due to its boho styled powder-coated finish. The red color will add a sense of warmth the moment you set this in your joint.

Exotic Cycle-Table Lamp

This exotic table lamp is sure to add a touch of modern style to any room. Crafted in a cycle shape, the rustic look of this brown lamp is heightened by its artisanal design. Made scratch and stain resistant with strong iron and powder-coated metal materials, this beautifully upcycled piece will bring a chic and bright look to your restaurant, resort or even an ice cream parlor. Visually appealing and welcoming to all guests, this magnificent floor lamp has a warm country style that never fades. Finished with distressed metal, this charming pub light will optimize your space like no other while spreading a warmth. Order it today!

Exotic Drafting Stool

Your bistro, brewery or microbrewery will look highly elegant and aristocratic when you have this iron made drafting bar stools. You will get highly impressed with its quality as this is both scratch and stain-resistant. This industrial furniture has been made with a perfect mix of powder-coated iron with solid hardwood. Black color renders a touch of royal feel to its overall look. Since this has a natural finish, you will get a raw and country feel just at the first glimpse of it. Another plus point is that the seat is a swivel one. If you prioritize both comfort and elegance, you will be highly thrilled with the purchase of this exclusive stool.

Exotic Exposed-Bulb Lighting

This Moroccan inspired exotic light is the perfect blend of modern and traditional design ensuring your space has the right blend of style and positivity. Crafted for a cheerful nook, this attractive hanging lamp will definitely spread a warmth that will keep your guests feeling great. Made from iron and powder-coated metal materials, this black filament pendant light is most suited for a night club, lounge, cafe or even a sheesha bar. Scratch and stain resistant, this easy to maintain piece comes fully assembled. The rustic look of this distressed metal finished piece gives it an artisanal feel. Order this stunning light today!

Exotic Leather Ottoman Hassock

Opt for this hotel lounge furniture in standard size and give a miraculously transformed makeover to your tent, brewery and cafe. This leather made traditional furniture is available in assembled form. So, you can avoid the tension of assembling this after purchase. The leather seat top will render maximum comfort. Side by side, ply wood structure and solid wood legs will reflect its superior quality. Moreover, durability is assured for its stable base construction with heavy load capacity. This classic brown-colored furniture looks elegant due to its hand-stitched multi-step finish. This is also getting popular due to its space-saving size.

Exotic Oriental Open-Filament Light

Accentuate the visual appeal of your sheesha cafe or bistro with this Oriental open filament light. Designed in a Moroccan style, this metal finished piece is made from iron and powder-coated metal materials. Scratch and stain resistant, this rustic hanging lamp is easy to clean and maintain. Available in a bold black color, it will add a touch of class to your special corner creating a comfortable and inviting vibe. Additionally, this stunning artisanal light comes fully assembled, making your experience completely hassle-free. Brighten your room and thoughts with this beautiful traditional lamp. Order it today and make your guests feel at home!

Exquisite Mud-Pot Pendant

Selection of right sort of lighting system is mandatory to create a dazzling feel to any hotel, night club or brewery. If you own such a setup and are clueless on how to give an extra edge and glory to your place, then just opt for these outdoor hospitality lights. These standard-sized iron made products will charm you to the core with its longevity and elegant look. You will be highly relieved to know this is both scratch and stain resistant. If you want to clean this on daily basis, you will find no hassle while doing so. The burnt metal finish will add a vintage look to this lighting system that can impress your visitors effortlessly.

Handcrafted Accent Cabinet

This handcrafted accent table is a bespoke piece of furniture that is priceless owing to its multicolored yet weathered and distressed look. Ideal for a vacation villa, a cafe at a camping site or a hotel. Crafted from solid hardwood and heavy-duty inserts and hardware, this wardrobe unit can be used in a bedroom as well as a living room. This designer piece of furniture with a space optimizing construction and a shabby chic look can be used to store books, shoes or anything you love. An Artisanal handmade design that has an elegant yet eclectic feel. Buy now at a fair price from the comfort of your home!

Handcrafted Cogswell Armchair

This oversized armchair will not only add a little festive flair to your camp, bar, hotel or resort but will also offer unparalleled luxury to all guests. Designed in a Victorian style, this handcrafted, durable cogswell chair is made from strong mango wood keeping it easy to maintain and clean. This excellent, lacquered finished piece is scratch and stain-resistant and available in a pleasing yellow color that spreads warmth to the entire room. Featuring a PU leatherette seat top, this highly comfortable chair has a classic French appeal that is timeless. Jazz up your timeshare with this fully assembled piece. Order it today!

Heavy-Duty Kitchen Cart

Add this vintage piece of furniture and give your resort, cafeteria or restaurant a makeover. This Duco finish fully assembled industrial furniture that is made in Iron and is scratch and stain resistant, makes it easy and convenient for cleaning and maintaining. A cart style rustic piece of furniture, this piece can be used as a showpiece or to display or sell various items in a quirky way. This sturdy piece of furniture can withstand commercial-use environments and has a space maximizing construction. An eye-catchy piece in black color that is a functional as well as an aesthetically appealing design.

Hotel Dining Chair in Leather

With a strong and practical style, this chain is designed to redefine the stereotype interiors of a brewpub, a brewery or a club. This French Bistro Dining chair in leather looks superb once replaced with the regular chairs in bistros, bars or pubs. It has a leather seat top made using commercial-use density foam for the seat as well as the back. The High Resiliency foam provides a firm yet comfortable sitting experience owing to the padding. You’ll surely be drawn to this chair and you’d love sitting on this or getting clicked on it. Play of metal and leather looks superb and sets the place on fire.

Indian Village Gudri Chair

Fill in that drab corner of your vacation villa, country club or resort with this statement piece of furniture. This Indian Village Gudri Armchair is a traditional sofa for hotels but a dream chair for every home decor lover. Crafted mainly in fabric, this armchair is made using patchwork and finished well to last you generations. It is made using commercial-use density foam for a seat as well as back and the fabric upholstered seat gives it a classy look. With a hardwood frame with solid wood legs, this chair will outlast rigorous commercial use and is a one-time investment worth making.

Legendary Scandinavian Hotel Chair

When selecting the right sort of restaurant chairs seem next to impossible, then you will be overwhelmed to come across this fashionable set of standard designed armless chair. This iron made chair is just apt for any ice cream parlor, coffee shop or night club. Iron being the main component, you can expect this to be resistant to stain or scratch. This chair is available with back and can be labeled as a traditional furniture. The powder-coated finish of this chair will denote its high standard quality. Of course, you can rely on the materials that are being used. It has been made with powder-coated iron frame structure. This brown colored bentwood chair will surely improve your image in your business segment quite easily.

Minimalistic Lounges Bench

A total treat for the eyes, this minimalistic lounge bench is a must-have one. You’re sure to have couples enjoy a romantic conversation on this one at your rooftop restaurant or at a spa or timeshare. This industrial piece of furniture comes fully assembled and saves you the time and hassle of putting this together. It is made using commercial-use density foam for a seat as well as back and has a leather seat top. The High Resiliency foam provides a firm yet comfortable sitting experience and makes this bench a perfect photo spot. A piece of silver-colored retro finish furniture that can totally replace the regular seating.

Prized Postman Hutch Desk

Hugely popular with owners of many Spas, Country Clubs and Bunks, this standard size product is all set to raise the bar with its eclectic style and minimalistic design. Crafted in iron, this Prized Postman Hutch Desk cum showcase has many compartments to display or store your stuff and a desk that can be put to full use. It has a burnt metal finish and is made using powder-coated metal and heavy-duty inserts and hardware. A piece of Vintage accent furniture in a brown shade and space-saving construction, this desk will last longer and has an evergreen design and use.

Quaint Cycle-Pedal Barstool in Leather

Grab this armless standard-sized iron bar and pub stool before the stock lasts. This unique stool is available in an assembled way and is comprised of a leather seat top. This stool is effectively made out of solid hardwood along with hard-wearing powder coated ironwork. The duco finish and black color of this product denote hundred percent royalty. The padded seats and leather seat top ensures the provision of total comfort. If you intend to clean this on a regular basis, you can easily do that when you opt for this. Since this is available with floor glides, there is no tension of getting any floor scratch. The presence of commercial-grade materials and joineries increase its life span.

Radical Cycle Pedal Bar Stool

Invite your guests to your exquisitely designed brewpub or nightclub with pride, when you bag this armless standard-sized iron made seating furniture to enhance interior looks. This Duco finish furniture is comprised of wooden seat top. You can avail this upcycled furniture in a fully assembled form. The mix of solid hardwood and hard-wearing powder-coated ironwork implies its topmost quality. This backless bar stool has a rustic style and is black in color. Get ready to fetch loads of compliments once you opt for this individualistic designed stool that portrays both elegance and comfort. The best quality of this product is this is both scratch and stain-resistant.

Rare Old Wax Box Seating

You need to be extra cautious while selecting cafe seating. So deck your cafe, ice cream parlor or bakery in style with the purchase of this standard-sized armless iron made cafe seating. Being scratch-resistant and stain-resistant, this will sparkle the favorite corners of your setup with spontaneity. You won’t have to face any hassle in terms of assembling this upcycled furniture, as this is available in assembled mode. The powder-coated finish enhanced its overall look. This is backless and can be categorized as a short bar tool. You can completely rely on its durability factor as this is inclusive of commercial-grade materials and joineries. So, add a  glam factor to your cafe with the introduction of this red backless bar stool right away.

Rare Postman Hutch Desk

Contemporary in design, minimalistic in form, unique in style and extremely utilitarian is this Rare Postman Hutch Desk-cum-Showcase. Put this in a place where there is space crunch, as it plays a role of both a table and a shelf. Ideal for a camp or a tent and can withstand various environments owing to its manufacturing from commercial-grade materials and joineries. It has a burnt metal finish and an old school vintage design with a retro and elegant feel. This standard size hutch desk comes with a stool attached, that makes it an ideal computer or reading table. Order now!


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