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All-Weather Metal Restaurant Chair in Red Distress Finish

This Red Distress Popular Canteen Chair in multicolor is designed to seamlessly blend with your home’s interiors as well as the interiors of any brewpub, brewery or bistro. Featuring a fine and sleek finish, this amazing one-seater canteen chair is a chic piece of furniture and is perfect for boho home interiors. The chair is made from hard-wearing iron thus very strong. The chair’s body is both scratch and stain-resistant and can be cleaned on a daily basis. The bistro-style chair comes pre-assembled and can be used for any purpose. Sold as a standard size, this metal top chair also has floor glides to protect your floor from scratches.

Art-Deco Hutch Cabinet

Trade your expensive furniture for this Art-Deco Hutch Cabinet and you’d know you’ve satisfied your whims and fancies in the right way. Made from reclaimed wood, this standard size cabinet can be put in hostels, lodgers or hotels owing to its size, utility and easy maintenance. With a lot of compartments and space to store and keep all your big and small things, this repurposed or reclaimed piece of furniture does the job of at least two storage units. It has a natural and raw finish that attracts the eye and catches attention in the first look itself. Stylish, functional and wallet-friendly!

Automobile Tractor Design Console Table

This Automobile Tractor Design Console Table is ideal for use in your Hotel or Time-Share as a food station or catering counter. In addition, these attractive multi-coloured tables give an exciting focal point to any room. The quality of the heavy-duty powder-coated iron material is unequalled and the tractor design is a unique blend of rustic and playful. The automobile furniture feature makes it easy to enhance the attractiveness of any interior. In fact, this table has all the good things that a user looks for in a console table. Buy this tractor table now to set your room in an automobile theme.

Avant-Garde Boho Coffee Table

This Avant-Garde Boho Coffee Table by FurnitureRoots has a highly individualistic & evocative design. It is fully customizable to match your business’s theme & accentuate its interiors.



  • Built-for-Commercial: Dura-Strong© construction to withstand rigorous Commercial use
  • Fully Customizable
    • Materials: Can be custom-made in a range of Iron / Wood / Glass / Upholstery options
    • Dimensions: Fully customizable for your business’s unique requirements
    • Choice of Finish: 20+ wood & metal finishes to match your business’s decor
  • Quality: FurnitureRoots is a ISO 9001:2015 company. All our products are built to highest international quality benchmarks


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Barstool: Boho-Chic

If you are planning to change your present counter seating arrangement in your resort, bar or lounge, consider this standard-sized armless counter seating, that is made of iron as the primary material. This industrial furniture is backless and is comprised of a seat with a drain hole. You will love its powder-coated finish. Also, you will surely get charmed at the easy to clean process that you can do on a daily basis. Being both scratch and stain resistant, maintenance of this backless industrial furniture is of no big deal. The powder-coated iron frame structure denotes its superior quality. Moreover, this metal seat top product is of bar height. This blue colored Boho designed furniture will surely last for several years due to the presence of commercial-grade materials along with joineries.

Bent Metal Reclaimed Restaurant Chair

This comfortable Bent Metal Reclaimed Rest Chair is just the perfect rest chair for your home, icecream parlor, bistro, and cafe. Available in the color black, this rest chair has been inspired by chic boho home decor. The structure of the chair is made from a blend of hard-wearing iron and solid hardwood. The chair’s body is both scratch and stain-resistant and can be cleaned easily. The chair comes pre-assembled too. Featuring a wooden seat top, you can use the chair for your study desk or just to sit and enjoy a warm cup of tea in your living room.

Bent-Arm Restaurant Chair

Restaurant chairs may either enhance or spoil the interior decoration of any coffee shop or bistro. Enhance the beauty of your set up in a drastic way with the placement of these standard sized seating furniture with metal seat top. This looks more elegant with its arms and back. Since this is available being assembled, no further tension of doing the task by hiring technicians post buying. The powder-coated finish will ensure a polish texture that will allure you. Seat and back are manufactured with density foam that is used for commercial purpose. In fact, to render you with an ultimate sitting experience, they have also included HR (High Resiliency) foam.

Blue Distress Aara Finish Folding Restaurant Table

If you’re looking to bring style and class to your Pub, Lounge or Cafeteria, look no further than this Aara Finish Folding Table. With its bold blue color and standard height, this standard size table is ideal for just about any lounging or eating area. This table is made with flawless and fine quality powder-coated iron material giving a distinctive fine finish. Furthermore, this distressed style scratch-resistant folding table gives your space a vastly unique perspective. This easy-to-clean chic table brings value and quality to any room. Make this square top foldable table yours to incorporate a modern look into your decor!

Blue Distress Bar Chair

 This blue distress bar chair can complement the decor of any club, corporate stay or pub quite easily with its weathered or distressed metal finish look. This already assembled chair looks stunning with the inclusion of back. The standard size and bar height of this stool will make this chair so very convenient to sit and use. Moreover, the cleaning process of this stool is really hassle free and you can do that regularly. This chair will look rocking with its powder coated iron frame structure.  If you believe in going for elegant and comfortable furniture, then this is the perfect one. This chair will allure the visitors with its  French provincial style.

Blue Distress Luggage Rack

This lovely luggage rack with its design can set the theme of your room and also add accents of color to the atmosphere. Plus, the Blue Distress Luggage Rack is undoubtedly a great product. Additionally, the blend of mango wood and iron makes the luggage rack look amazing. This quintessential multicolored cabinet is made up of durable material and will definitely give a luxurious look to your room decor. Definitely, it would be nice to be able to add this rack to your room, guest villa, lodge, or country club. Also, this pre-assembled cabinet has all the good things that a user looks for in a rack. It is just perfect!

Blue Distress Recycled Hotel Bedside Table

This recycled side table is a perfect side bed storage furniture at hotels, resorts and country clubs. With a strikingly beautiful blue color, the shabby chic style furniture has an artistically handmade design that gives off an elegant eclectic feel and optimizes space. The bedside table with storage will help in keeping the room tidy with appropriate storage and a top to place belongings. The scratch and stain resistant bedroom furniture is made using powder-coated metal with a distressed finish. This commercial grade material is used on inserts and joineries to offer durability. It’s fully assembled with a space optimizing design.

Boho Chic 4 Drawer TV Console Unit in Distressed Reclaimed Wood

You can revive your Inn, guest house or home with this luxurious tv unit. The four drawers TV unit is made using reclaimed wood that is hand painted with a boho decor. The stain and scratch resistant shabby chic style furniture is constructed using solid hardwood and powder-coated iron which makes it strong and durable. Hinges, knobs and handles are also made using commercial grade materials to make them withstand high traffic commercial use. The fully assembled cabinet is handcrafted to give it a unique design that maximizes space. The boho decor gives the enclosed shelving TV stand a gracious look that makes entertainment time fun.

Boho Chic Folding Restaurant Chair

This folding cafe chair is a very desirable piece of furniture at the restaurant, lounge or coffee shop. The Boho chic dining chair is primarily made from iron making it strong and durable. It has a wooden seat top from a durable solid hard wood while the iron is powder coated for longevity. The black bistro chair has a weathered duco finish which gives it a unique look. Though armless and unpadded, the chair has a backrest for desired comfort. The scratch and stain resistant cafe chair can be conveniently cleaned daily. This easy to move seating furniture has floor glides to keep it from scratching the floor.

Boho Chic Recycled Wood TVC

This TV unit will add that extra pop you’ve been looking for to your Guest House, Inn, Bed and Breakfast or home. This standard size Boho Chic Recycled Wood TV Unit is specially developed using fine quality materials. This easy-to-clean, scratch and stain-resistant TV unit is constructed with a robust mix of solid hardwood and hardwearing powder-coated ironwork. Create a designer look with a space optimizing construction for a no-fail answer to your decorating needs. The multicolored one-of-a-kind exquisitely handcrafted design will enhance any room. You cannot go wrong with the purchase of this wooden TV unit. So order now!

Boho Double Door Hotel Wardrobe

Embrace this classy and elegant standard sized mango wood made hotel and restaurant chair in your vacation villa or bunk right now. This will prove to be a highly functional product in the long run due to its scratch and stain resistant properties. Moreover, this hand painted furniture is made up of a blend of solid hardwood and hard wearing powder coated iron work. The boho decor of this distressed finish furniture has transformed it to something really special. This red colored very uniquely designed handcrafted chair is highly popular among today’s youngsters for its vibrant look. Go and grab yours now.

Boho Style Swivel Pub Stool

This swivel bar chair is a unique craftmanship representation of the creative process that includes armless construction in a weathered or distressed finish. This is an expensive-looking bar stool that truly immerses you with comfort, style and functionality. This stool is fully assembled and includes a strong powder-coated iron frame structure and comfortable padded seat. The captivating part is its lovely blue color. Moreover, this Boho style bar stool is stain & scratch resistant making it easy to maintain and is a space optimizing choice for vacation villas, clubs, microbrewery and bars. Buy it to be part of the latest trend.

Bygone Reclaimed Stool

If you want to introduce a very rare yet unique collection of stools to your coffee shop, cafe or bistro, you should go for this exclusive designed standard-sized armless and backless stool. This will create a rustic look in your setup with its unfinished or raw look that will create a very positive vibe instantly. The wooden seat top will mark its elegance and comfort. There is no tension in terms of its lasting quality as this is made of commercial standard materials and joineries. If vibrance is your preference, then this multicolored stool will also add a gaudy feel in your entire joint. You can save your floors from scratches too as this is comprised of floor glides.

Cafe Table & Chair Dining Set (6 Seater) in Red Color

Displaying a mid-century style, this 6 seater dining set is built using a hardwood top and a heavy-duty iron frame. Fitted with a rectangular table top, this industrial furniture will heighten the visual appeal of your pub or night club like no other. Featuring an individualistic design, it is scratch and stain resistant, hence, easy to maintain and clean. Sporting a powder coated finish that increases it is longevity, this well-made table and chair set will give your customers a memorable, fine dining experience. Additionally, this modern furniture comes fully assembled, minimizing any efforts on your part. Available in a striking red color, it will add fun to the night. Order it today!  


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Carved Reclaimed Wood Panel Console Table

A conversation starter, attention seeker and something that stands out owing to its uniqueness and simplicity of design. An old carved panel console table with a lacquered finish and a solid hardwood structure, this hand carved piece of furniture is sure to fit best in a bed and breakfast, a hotel or an Inn. Made using commercial grade materials and joineries, this rock solid construction can withstand rough use and is absolute easy maintenance. An individualistic design focused on providing a comfortable dining experience, this table has a rectangular top and a multicolored look that can easily blend in any of interiors.

Charming Leather Hotel Chair

Look no more, as we’ve got you the perfect alternative to a boring dining chair. Something that is luxurious, utterly comfortable and stain-resistant. A Charming leather chair, designed keeping in mind restaurant furniture, this one is a one-off. With a distressed or weathered finish and a leather seat top, this is sure going to be a center of attraction if used in any bakery or night club. This chair with an individualistic design is geared towards elegance without compromising on comfort. Made using commercial grade high-quality materials and joineries and leather to last you generations. Buy now or you’ll regret later!

Charming Wooden Restaurant Chair

To survive in the hospitality industry, you need to make a mark and sometimes this can be done by using unique pieces of furniture in mundane parts of your commercial space. Add this Charming Resort chair to a brewery, a restaurant or a hotel and see the space change instantly. A standard size chair with arms and a back and wooden seat top with a natural raw finish, this chair is a piece of stylish furniture that is super comfortable too. Crafted from repurposed or reclaimed wood, this chair is sturdy and is soon gonna be a prized possession. A dining armchair with an uncolored look and an individualistic design geared towards elegance and comfort.

Chic Accent Cabinet

You’d definitely be ready to swap anything for this piece of furniture that is sure to add Boho vibes to your room decor instantly. Use it at Cafes, Bunks or hotels and you’d know your guests love this cabinet too much to take it home. This Chic Accent Cabinet would instantly give character to drab interiors of any Bistro or cafe. This cyan colored handcrafted piece of furniture is one-of-a-kind and also spacious to store a lot of big and small things. It can also have a lock if required, in case you plan to store precious things in it.

Chic Barstool in Orange Distress

Bar stools of a vacation villa, pub or club can either impress or disappoint the visitors the moment they step in. So select your bar stools with utmost care. Opt for this standard-sized distressed metal finished bar stool that comes in an assembled state. The metal top of this stool has a drain hole. This backless and armless stool is of Boho style and made with the inclusion of commercial-grade materials and joiners to ensure that it stays for a long span. This backless bar stool will highlight the particular corner of the room with its vibrant orange color. Elegance and comfort are the main characteristics of this industrial furniture. You won’t have to worry about the space constrain factor as this occupies very less space.

Chic Distressed Single Hotel Wardrobe

A truly impressive design turns this Chic Distressed Single Wardrobe into a beautiful addition to your Boarding House, Guest Villa, Hotel or Home. Crafted with high-quality reclaimed wood, the stylish wardrobe will retain its new look for a long time. The two multi-colored doors bring bright and inspirational looking color to any décor. The designer looks with a space optimizing construction never fails when put to the test. Also known as a Gentleman’s Chest, this piece is versatile as well as functional. Again, this alluring product with its attracting shabby chic design will definitely catch everyone’s attention. What are waiting for? Go ahead and order!

Chic Multi-coloured Drawer Console Table

This chic styled multicolored drawer console table is brilliant in terms of its looks and features. This standard sized iron made product is ideal to glorify a vacation villa, spa or motel with ease. This repurposed or reclaimed wooden furniture has already being labeled as a highly sought after item in the market. The wooden table top carries the feel of elegance and the boho decor is ideal to provide this furniture with a unique and sleek look. The rectangular table top will win your attention effortlessly and will stun you the most. This console table with storage features will enchant you most and will gift you with fine dining experience every time.

Classic Blue Metal Dining Set

Available in a brilliant blue color, this classic dining set will give your space a welcoming vibe. Sporting an individualistic design that highlights it is Boho style, this industrial furniture comes with a powder coated finish that proffers extra durability. Crafted from heavy-duty iron with a square shaped, hardwood table top, it is both scratch and stain resistant, keeping it is maintenance easy. With a seating capacity of 4, this unique table and chair set will bring cheer to your bar, bistro or pub garden, inviting your guests to really be themselves. Delivered fully assembled, it will give you a hassle-free experience. Order it now! 


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Classic Colonial Coffee Table

Is space a constraint and you’re confused about how to make your space look beautiful while making optimum use of it? Fret not, and invest in this standard size Classical Colonial Coffee table and use it as a side table in a room or as a centerpiece depending on the decor. Best suited for bars, coffee shops or cafes with a Boho Decor. With seating for 2, this makes for a perfect reading table, solo coffee drinking experience or that heart to heart conversation between lovers or catching up of those long lost friends. A red-colored low height dining table with a duco finish that makes for a collectible.

Classic Reclaimed Set of Three Hotel Bedside Table

: If you love a wonderful, colorful Vacation Villa, Guest House, Hotel and home, then invest in this easy-to-clean chair. The multicolored color of this chair is a potent tool for adding a spark to brighten any room in your home, or a Vacation Villa, Guest House, or Hotel. Additionally, the Classic Reclaimed Set of Three chairs is extremely durable and the reclaimed wood material will spruce up your surroundings. Available in a standard size, this set of three chairs is big on style. Create a serene house with this multicolored color chair with a wooden seat top and that is both stain and scratch-resistant.

Country Chic Metal Entertainment Unit

This unique entertainment unit will make your TV watching experience fun. The black colored hutch television stand is exquisitely handcrafted to offer it a personalized look that will match your taste. It can be used in a guest house, camp or bunks with a guarantee that it will outlive heavy commercial use. With hard wearing inputs like knobs, hinges and handles, solid hardwood and powder-coated iron, durability is not at all in question. This reclaimed wood furniture has an executive boho decor and a duco finish that makes it easy and convenient to clean. The shabby chic style TV unit is standard sized to optimize on space.

Country Design Distress Hotel Bedside Table

The brilliant blue color of this country themed side table will give your tent, resort or boarding house a hint of vibrancy. Featuring a weathered look that proffers a homely feel, this scratch and stain resistant table have been made using iron along with powder coated metal and heavy duty inserts and hardware. Place this artisanal handmade table in your bedroom to add a dash of class to it. With its distressed metal finish, this shabby style furniture will give your space an eclectic look and feel. Further, it comes fully assembled, negating any effort on your part. Order this chic side table today!

Custom Made Foodcourt Furniture Combo

Custom made to make your lounge or microbrewery stand out, the weathered finish of this fabulously made furniture combo uplifts the feel of your space. Built with a hard wood table top and a heavy duty powder coated iron frame, its square shaped table top adds character to its overall look, leaving a long lasting impression. Crafted to be scratch and stain resistant, these distressed table and chair are easy to maintain and clean. Delivered fully assembled to make your life easy, the chic, individualistic design of this elegant combo will leave your patrons spell bound. Order this alluring furniture today and make your pub the most happening!

Custom-Built Coffee Table in Distress Finish

This Custom-Built Coffee Table in Distress Finish by FurnitureRoots has a highly individualistic & evocative design. It is fully customizable to match your business’s theme & accentuate its interiors.


  • Built-for-Commercial: Dura-Strong© construction to withstand rigorous Commercial use
  • Fully Customizable
    • Materials: Can be custom-made in a range of Iron / Wood / Glass / Upholstery options
    • Dimensions: Fully customizable for your business’s unique requirements
    • Choice of Finish: 20+ wood & metal finishes to match your business’s decor
  • Quality: FurnitureRoots is a ISO 9001:2015 company. All our products are built to highest international quality benchmarks


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Custom-Built Table Bench Set

Custom-made with care, this one-of-a-kind bench set will give your brewery, pub or bistro an easy-going vibe, inviting your customers to leave all worries behind and keep them coming back for more. Built with a hardwood top and heavy-duty iron frame, it displays a powder coated finish that increases it is longevity. Scratch and stain resistant, hence easy to maintain, it has a rectangular top that can seat up to 4 with ease. Sporting an individualistic design in a Boho style, this unique, industrial furniture provides a comfortable seating posture. Delivered fully assembled to reduce your efforts, order this enticing table today! 


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Dazzling Café Chair Set

The individualistic design of this simple yet elegant table and chair set will spruce up the look of your restaurant, cafe or resort at a single glance. Displaying a sophisticated light walnut finish, this one-of-a-kind set is made from strong mango wood with a heavy-duty powder coated iron frame. Fitted with a square shaped table top, it is both scratch and stain resistant, keeping it easy to maintain. Available in brown, this Boho style, industrial furniture can seat up to 2. Give your guests a refined dining experience with this amazing set. Further, it comes fully assembled, ensuring minimal efforts on your part. Don’t wait. Order this classy furniture today!  


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Distress Foodcourt Furniture Combo

There is no better way to add a rich dose of style to your living space than this classic furniture combo. Sporting a brilliant individualistic design, this distressed table and chair is made using a hard wood top with a heavy-duty powder coated iron frame. Fitted in a square shape table top, the weathered finish of this well-made set will give a shabby yet chic look to your microbrewery, night club or restaurant. Built to be scratch and stain resistant, it is easy to maintain and clean. Give your corporate stay a welcoming vibe with this excellent table and chair combo that comes fully assembled. Order it today and make a remarkable difference to your lifestyle!

Distress Recycled Chic Cabinet

You will love seeing how beautiful and glamorous your room looks with this Distress Recycled Chic Cabinet. This easy-to-maintain cabinet is sure to add a modern luxury feel to any dull living space. Moreover, this fully assembled cabinet from reclaimed wood material is the perfect combination of fun and functionality while the multi-color fits right in when you need a pop of color! You can’t go wrong with the scratch and stain-resistant artisanal handmade designed wood. When you want easy decorating, look no further than this fully assembled designer look with space optimizing construction. Buy Now with just a click!

Distress Solid Wood Regular Chair

Often interior decoration of a cafe, night club or bar remains incomplete until you opt for this regular sized wooden chair. The weathered or distressed finish of this furniture is one of its spectacular attractions. The wooden seat top along with the solid hard wood composition has given this chair a sturdy and durable feature. The boho decor of this chair is indeed worth appreciating. This multicolored dining side chair will only exude a feel of elegance and comfort. The space of the set up will be rightfully optimized once you go for this exclusive shabby chic furniture. Even you can retain the floor quality and prevent it from getting any scratch once you go for this chair that has a unique floor gliding feature.

Distressed Art Deco Hotel Chair

Compliment the interior decor of your restaurant, night club or ice cream parlor with the purchase of this standard-sized iron made food court chairs.  These chairs look truly elegant with its weathered or distressed finish looks. This chair has a very distinguished and individualistic style with its boho decor theme. You can produce a splash of multicolored effect in your food joint by placing a few of these in various parts of the room. For sure, this shabby chic furniture will stun your customers to the hilt. One of the most positive effects of this chair is in its space optimization capacity.

Distressed Boho Style Bar Stool

Would you remember a cafe, a bar or a restaurant for the stools it carries? Yes, you would if they are as quirky yet comforting as this one. This distressed boho style bar stool is sure to add value to any lounge, brewpub or night club owing to its simple yet sophisticated design and execution. This stool in a multicolored and distressed metal finish is constructed of solid hardwood and hard-wearing powder-coated ironwork that can be moved around freely without a scratch or any damage to the body. A basic stool that has its own design language and is sure to enhance the user’s experience.

Distressed Carved Solid Wood Console Table

A distressed carved solid wood console table is something you need to add to break the monotony of the browns in the interior of your hotel, time share or spa. Easy and convenient for daily cleaning, this table has a withered or distressed finish. Coated with lacquer, this table has a multicolored and unique look and is handcrafted. Standing on a solid hardwood structure is a rectangular table top together comprising of a console table without storage. This console table is a must buy piece of furniture to beautify your drab interiors. An individualistic design, this table is inspired from the French Provincial style and focuses on providing a comfortable dining experience.

Distressed Chic Multi-coloured Cabinet

No matter the size of the rooms in your Resort or Microbrewery, creating a pleasing sense of proportion is   easy with this Distressed Chic Multi-colored Cabinet. The vivid reclaimed wood material is truly beautiful bringing a hue of multi-color into the room. This scratch and stain-resistant cabinet is finely constructed from good quality wood at an affordable rate. Adorning your room with this cabinet makes a truly impressive and inspirational look to the room. The Designer looks with a space optimizing construction never fails when put to the test. This cabinet is finely accessorized with powder-coated iron material for a superb finish.

Distressed Compact Dining Set

If you want to decorate your bakery, club or brewpub with some unique set of dining tables and chairs, then these will fit the bill with perfection. These repurposed or reclaimed wood furniture with wooden table top are really of a high standard. Since you can avail these tables and chairs in assembled form, you can avoid the hassle of assembling post purchasing. The natural raw finish of this solid hardwood structure can just impress your visitors quite effortlessly. If you have a fascination towards round table top, then you will be happy to know that these tables are also of round shape. The rock solid construction of the materials of these furnitures ensures its longevity factor.

Distressed Farmhouse Wooden Chair

This Distressed Farmhouse Wooden Chair is just the perfect chair for your living room, food court, eatery, and bakery. Featuring a sleek finish, this amazing wooden chair is inspired by the rustic style of furniture. This wooden chair is made from a blend of hard-wearing iron and solid hardwood to ensure durability and stability. The chair’s body is both scratch and stain-resistant and can be cleaned easily on a regular basis. The chair comes pre-assembled and can be used for dining purposes too. Featuring a standard size, this wood one-seater chair comes with floor glides to protect your floor from scratches.

Distressed Plank Table & Leather Dining Chair Set

This perfect dining set in your microbrewery, food court or cafe will enhance the leisure experience of your customers and help you boost your business. Being easy to clean and comes with scratch-resistant construction, this much-desired authentic dining set renders an exclusive Boho feel. With a standard size square tabletop and 4 seats, this set is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. If you are worried about the quality of the material, you will be happy to know that this fully-assembled dining set has a powder-coated finish for longevity. Moreover, the multi plank pattern looks elegant and gives a Boho style to the interior.


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Distressed Small Drawer Chest Bajot

Give the much sought after feel of style and trend in your guest house, corporate stay or tent with the selection of this small drawer chest bajot. At the very first glance, you will fall in love with its distressed finished look and old school vintage retro design. This shabby chic furniture will showcase its unique space saving feature. Since this is available in the assembled form, you won’t have to go through the hassle of assembling post purchase. If you are wondering about its sustainability part, then you won’t have to worry about that. This decorative accessory is well constructed with commercial graded materials and joineries.

Duel Shade Drawer Bajot

This Duel Shade Drawer Bajot is a good choice of storage at the hotel, resort or for corporate stays. The multicolored distress finish gives the drawer an ancient yet modernized look. This is further emphasized by the old school vintage design of the scratch and stain resistant furniture. Made from the long lasting mango wood and heavy duty inserts, there is no doubt about the durability of this shabby chic style furniture. The boho decor gives the fully assembled drawer a calm and attractive look. It’s of a standard size, created to save on space while offering excellent service for decades.

Eco-Conscious Six Seater Reclaimed Dining Set

If you want to select the most exclusive six seater dining set with care, you will be just overwhelmed once you come across these reclaimed wooden furniture set. The wooden table top on these will provide a stunning effect to the overall decor of the furniture. The Solid hardwood structure denotes strength and reliability factor. If you believe in opting for durable furniture, then you should be informed that these are made with the implementation of commercial graded materials and joineries. Add a splash of vibrance to the entire set up with the introduction of this multicolored graceful chair and table set.

Elective Multi-coloured Drawer Chest

This Elective Multi-colored Chest is sure to add a modern charm to any dull Vacation Villa, Tent, Hostel or home. Reclaimed wood material furniture in a royal multicolor makes it a stylish addition to the room. This easy-to-clean chest is finely designed with wood inlay on the top and 12 multi-colored drawers made to accommodate any number of special items. Buying this scratch-resistant chest with an Artisanal handmade design makes for an elegant and eclectic feel. The easy-to-maintain standard-sized chest is a great buy for anyone looking to upgrade a room. What better way to make decorating your space easy.

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