Before we begin with these details, in the interest of full disclosure, we have to mention that we are manufacturers of Indian furniture ourselves & we currently work with a couple of large retail stores. We love working in the country thanks to the love Aussies show for Indian designs & carved Indian wood furniture and also due to the fact that conversing, forging meaningful business partnerships and trading is a whole lot easier when compared to other nations

Does that mean we cannot share some unbiased information on how you should go about procuring furniture from India? Of course not! In fact, that's exactly what we'll do & you can decide for yourself if you'd want to work with us, or at least, consider us in the running.

Firstly, it is always a great idea to know which types of furniture are a country's strengths due to the ecosystem of raw materials, skilled labour & favorable government policies. India is known for housing several wooden furniture manufacturers that use both solid wood & engineered wood types. You'll find both handcrafted wooden furniture in traditional styles & even mass-manufactured furniture in contemporary designs

Also, metal based furniture is also popular across India but you'll only find cast iron, mild steel and wrought iron furniture & the country is not known for aluminum & stainless steel furniture. Essentially, handmade metal furniture suppliers & a few mid century furniture suppliers is pretty much most of it. Lastly, the country is also well known for inlaid furniture designs, this includes the bone inlay furniture that we make, stone inlay furniture & more. 

Secondly, akin to the trend in most manufacturing-oriented countries, there are only a couple of hubs in India that make furniture at such a massive scale, with great prices & in high-quality materials & designs. Jodhpur is by far the most popular one, this is also where FurnitureRoots is based in.

You can now browse through some interesting Indian furniture products, after which we'll explain a standard process of importing furniture from India to Australia. This is also where we shamelessly plug-in our services, you can get in touch with us to access our digital catalog or you can just get in touch with us to know more about our batch manufacturing program & how you can import high-quality furniture from us at low cost, despite low quantity requirements 

    You may contact us @ 0424 996 664 or E-mail us @ Also feel free to ask us for our catalog (prices in AUD $). You can work with us directly & enjoy factory prices or you can work with one of our partner stores in your vicinity

    Carved Wood Furniture Importers

    One of the oldest art forms, intricate hand-carved designs add dimension and beauty to wooden furniture. Shapes capturing simple elements like flowers, leaves and vines lend a human touch and colors add liveliness to furniture.

    Indian Rustic Furniture Importers

    Indian rustic or farmhouse style furniture is replete with highly detailed aesthetics and a variety of interesting attributes. These furniture items are brimming with character and have a rough, coarse and aged aspect about them.

    Indian Recycled Furniture Importers

    Furniture made from repurposed or upcycled materials underscore environmental consciousness. Source your recycled furniture from India which has a rich tradition of upcycling various objects into eco-friendly furniture.

    Industrial Furniture Imported from India

    Industrial furniture is marked by a refined ruggedness and exudes a rustic feel. Such vintage furniture designs blend well within the modern & contemporary settings of homes and hospitality & commercial business establishments.

    Reclaimed Wood Furniture Importers

    Reclaimed timber is old wood that has been salvaged and been repurposed for use elsewhere. Import furniture products made from reclaimed, salvaged or repurposed wood and contribute to the growth of sustainable furniture products.

    Indian Vintage Furniture Imports

    FurnitureRoots brings together award-winning artisans recreating an eclectic range of vintage and Indian antique furniture at great prices. Get rare vintage carved and distressed furniture that make your furniture store stand out.

    Indian Distressed Furniture Importers

    Texture and age of furniture is celebrated as a sign of a well-loved furniture in India. Import distressed furniture designs that embrace a whitewashed or chipped finish while the wood grain underneath remains slightly visible.

    Modern Furniture Imported From India

    Contemporary Indian furniture reflects modern aesthetics, ranging from clean, minimalist lines to vibrant, exciting finishes. We use commercial-grade materials and joinery techniques that help our products last you a lifetime.

      Looking to import Indian furniture designs for your store or business? Get in touch with us for expert advice!


      classic Indian handicrafts displayed at a furniture wholesale store

      FurnitureRoots has a range of enchanting Indian furniture designs we manufacture and export globally as part of our Indian furniture exports business.

      Hotel Room Furniture

      Our wholesale furniture clients are indulged in sourcing furniture from India on behalf of furniture retailers and commercial projects.

      Restaurant Furniture Manufacturer

      We design, manufacture, and supply fully customizable furniture for restaurants, cafes, bars, bistros, hotels, vacation villas, guesthouses, and resorts globally.




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      Certified for provision of internationally benchmarked processes and systems of furniture production.

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      Certified for setup of appropriate Environmental Management Systems (EMS) for furniture manufacturing.

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      The law for importing stuff into Australia is actually quite friendly and simple and generally does not require any special permits or licenses. However, a few items do fall under what is called the Biosecurity Import Conditions (BIOCON) and wood + wood derivates do fall under the purview of the same. These protocols mandate you to furnish proof of treatment & processes that the imported item has gone through. (All of which we furnish). You may check out a full list of the items that are required to furnish these details here

      Apart from this the procedure is pretty standard and involves the following steps (simplified)

    • Obtaining what is known as a CI (commercial invoice) that you will submit to your bank in Australia
    • Using the CI as a proof, you'll be opening an LC (letter of credit) on your account in Australia
    • provided the adequate funds as per the CI is available in your account, the LC issuing bank in Australia will share the LC with our bank (or the bank of the exporter that you choose to work with)
    • Once we onboard the goods through our freight forwarding agent, the shipping company will share what is called a bill of lading with us
    • It is this bill of lading which we share with our bank, the bank in turn shares this bill of lading to the LC issuing bank in Australia (your bank) which then dispatches the payment & the goods will reach your site within a week!


      As sellers of furniture, it is our job to make the entire process a whole lot simpler for you, this is exactly why we make on-shore arrangements through our partners, in case the quantities that you require are not high enough. We also guide you throughout the import process as we've helped multiple clients go through this process

      speak fluent English & with a few related questions, it won’t be too difficult to segregate the professional ones from the local manufacturers.


    • Importing furniture to Australia or importing furniture to the United States, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, Brazil & France is a lot simpler than one might think.

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